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Daily Archives: September 14, 2014

Stand and Deliver – Promote Yourself


Stand and deliver
Your money
Or your life
Why did I
It was wife?
Why did I
As wife
I’d go
More than money
More than
More than
I had
Than I
Could ever
That it was
That I
Had to

And do what?

Stand and deliver
Your money
Or your life
I’ll deliver
My life
On a plate
On a stage
I’ll shout
I’ll demand
I’ll laugh
And I’ll cry
And I’ll show
All those
Who look
I can sing
I can dance
I can look with new eyes
See colour
And beauty
The leaves on the trees
The sun
Through the bandstand
Glinting and gleaming
The air
Full of promise
Death and destruction
Leads to life
In more fullness
I’ll stand
And deliver
My life

Cheryl Bhagwandin

Poetry “Interacting with Freedom” – Promote Yourself


Today we stop replaying us as victims, utilizing our sixth sense
begging God for a second awakening recorded beyond
mans manipulative systems of habit that constantly distract
fate from sudden rhythm and flesh attaching

We’ll never stop looking for ourselves
I swear to always imagine

The dreamer may forget which direction alternative feelings are captured for
all She’s worth, finally tangible
the risks insured

Tired of runnin
entirely focused on attracting and splitting whatever I have before
my body tosses wildly without my soul refurbished

A grave face granted childhood insight on such an occasion mildly

Not in total control of whats happening

Choosing sacrifice, my every affair aligned through the real master miraculously,
afterwards I’m shown signs of tremendous growth in a world where love has
no will but to be life, often times mishandled casually

Suppressed me’s swept away like crystalline grains in clairvoyant mysteries,
enveloped with a quaint welcoming within this heart which fiends for peace
vehemently, at least then everything once planned sounds familiar
as She is an acquired taste recommended

Resilience is replaced with rejoicing over pressing escape as intended

We live prefixed
Be”ing” creation, there’s something simply divine about this

And “it is”, whosoever wants to develop a harmonic calm again may rest assured
the universes are too orchestrated in respect to what you’re due

Such an infinite audience, and everyone is you

Been waiting so damn long for this, mixed and looped in this

tried and true process accruing a name and debt, paying it all off as we undergo planetary
shifts revealing just how prosperous a positive vibe “thought” exists

Perhaps we weren’t taught to forever become amazing as the prophets did

But it is so, we must live from the inside out and prey on beautiful opportunities
2 manifest abundantly, taking us
6 levels above excited angels
who knew we were

Darius Mccullum
written by @InnerGLord
visuals by @brgndybrd
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