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Daily Archives: September 15, 2014

Autumns symphonies – Your Favourite Poem

yearning for sevdah*
(for lesya)

<> -Albert Camus

yearning for sevdah when

before there were roses and pomegranates
is sevdah is there is where is sita is

not then yearning for sevdah

rare lovers meeting finding unbroken harts
snowflakes melting sweet wilting fruit blossoms
is rama is where is there is sevdah is

not when yearning for sevdah

true lovers falling weaving love’s tapestry
transcending sorrows inside fermenting plums
worms emerging spreading lucent dragon wings
refining liquid gold into worlds of glory
is sevdah is there is where is is mira

not then yearning for sevdah

when true sailing beloveds unraveling kiss
as uncertainty completes certainty so
tragedy quickens comedy as all is
cupidity transfiguring chastity so
lovers probing discover love creating
is sita is where is there is is rama

when not yearning for sevdah

sevdah as lust is sevdah as sorrow is
sevdah as bliss is sevdah as nothing but
lust finitely quickening infinitely love as is
the beloved seeking lovers as all sevhad
is rama is there is where is sita is

then not yearning for sevdah

all creatures probing those quickening our musk
true love kissing pure love endlessly while
amidst stardust orchards become deserts so
is mira is here is what is mira is

now all is yearning for sevdah

is sevdah is here is what is sevdah is
crystal tears baptizing fermenting vineyards
rama’s arrow piercing brahman’s hart of harts

then yearning for sevdah is

after there were roses and pomegranates
remains what is here is love is sevdah is
sevdah yearning for yearning sevdah is love

not nothing if not krishna beneath phoenix wings
mere lust tantalizing unrequitable love

even gods cannot articulate sevdah


chrteién marc valentin





If i wanted to be a lion and hang as tall as a tree i could, but that would be irrelevant can’t you see
I am a man, a wo-MAN, a fe-MALE so that would make us one … am i right?
I may not be a girl i may not be a boy i may just be a being living in a world
What is creativity if you look inside and see its understanding your subconscious self and questioning your reality
If we are made in God’s image and all Religions say God is creator then we are also creators, projecting our inner light called “creativity”
We can’t all be painters the world would be ugly! But we can all be creative and express ourselves individually
One colour on a pallet will make the plain paper look dry, but many colours on the paper will create a story of why?
Not wanting to be yourself will erase your story, paintings and more colours will manifest your glory
Beauty is individuality so express it and be proud even if others don’t like it at least you stand out from the crowd


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