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Daily Archives: September 17, 2014



Let’s stop and pause

Put life on hold

Ask yourself

How many opened doors

You have entered

When you had an opportunity

At your feet

Did you press pause or delete?

Put life on hold,

Take a deep breath

While you make your life complete

Place the pieces in the jigsaw

You desire more from life

You need,you want

You have the world at your feet

Now is the time

To put things in place

But you’re just a number

In the human race

Let’s stop and pause,

Let’s applause

What you have achieved

You have found the missing piece

In your jigsaw

Now your life is complete

Gillian Sims

Coffee – Promote Yourself


Black or black,
Has a world of its own
I peep
Into the crema
I dive into my open ocean
I sniff
At the cup
I embark on my own boat 
I sip
I sail back and forth
I lean 
Against the backrest
I know this moment is the best
I start
A first draft
I feel a creativity waft
© Chaouki M’kaddem
September 16th, 2014

Senior EFL teacher

Seething Rage


I reach

I touch you,

soft skin delight.

I cannot imagine otherwise.

I want to watch you and cherish you,

love your smile, reactive and giddy.

I imagine a world in your eyes,

and realize only,

you need

my love.

Why rage?

how do we defend

the actions of reactive passion

beyond the scope, a child

with pleading eyes

wonders how now,

why this?

Falling timber

solid in a careen

tramples the brush

only to leave scars in soil

the natural course of small earth.

A tree doesn’t compare

line up or speak

to the soft flesh

in a switch of


We cannot judge, we may silently grieve,

yet in the moment, we do know our rage.


©Thom Amundsen 2014

Broken Heart – Promote Yourself


Lying all crooked on the floor
my heart broken to the core
bleeding through day and moonlight
after losing the fight..

My love lost in the battle
leaving the hidden emotions to rattle
All now flowing down my face
my tears competing in the race..

Never felt so weak and lost
sudden rescue from the frost
bitter sweet memories playing hide and seek
stabbing pain is making me weak

Remorse and regret flows through my veins
to my heart and to the rain
of the tears and off to the ground
falling silently not causing any sound..

Lonely and abandoned I am
not by you but by love..yet all are same;
No difference no change no improvement,
Reflecting your love which you never meant..

Time travelling through the past with nothing to gain,
just crying and suffering with the pain.
Soon everything will be over
except if you make it slower..

For my soul to be free
your venomous words are enough,even you may agree
Once said cannot be taken back,
its not like a jar taken from rack..

Now,that I am alone
I can see that my eyes never shone
with the shine same as before
after you showed my love the exit door..
And crashed my heart to the floor!

Here is a poem written by me, after someone broke my heart….


The month of September

Is the month I remember

Of the honeysuckle aroma so sweet

Farmers harvesting their wheat,

The month of September

Is the month I remember

When shorter days are to come

Darkness starves the early morning sun,

We pluck the apples from the trees

We prepare for our Xmas cider feast,

The month of September

Is the month I remember

No perspiration falling now

No hot sun,hitting our brow,

I glance at the beautiful landscape

It is one that God could only create

Gillian Sims

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