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Daily Archives: September 19, 2014

Alphabet poem


Beware of the Amphin who is prone to eat
Anything that should be worn on your feet

Likewise there is danger when Brones are around
For they can attack from their home in the ground.

Crumlins are harmless in contrast to these
Their only bad habits are swinging in trees

And causing mischief to the sweet Dumberlings
Who flutter by gracefully using their wings.

My own favourite is the Entoulijelly
Who lets out a squeak when he touches his belly.

He’s definitely preferable to the Fuloo
Who constantly looks like he’s needing a poo.

The Grumberland’s scary because of his claws
And loud gnashing sounds which come from his jaws

The contrasting Hafferlug’s totally great
He’s friendly and smiley, and everyone’s mate

His closest ally is the Inkyblink
Who trickles black ink, with every wink.

You would hardly notice the Joulig at all
It hides in the shadows curled up in a ball

Which can be a danger if Karubs pass by
As they kick all round things up into the sky.

Unlike the Lamite who just stands and stares
With enormous eyes; he simply glares

At anything, causing the nervous Maleeze
To react with a totally unrestrained sneeze.

The Nagalug has an interesting flair
For styling geometrical shapes in his hair.

Meanwhile the Olug will pass by with a whoosh
As he tackles everything in one big rush

The Phantel is hard to describe in a word
If I had to try, I’d simply say “blurred”

Quiribs are beautiful, just like a pet
They’re cute, and furry, but play hard to get

That won’t stop the Reelabub constantly trying
But tragically failing and ending up crying.

It’s difficult to get a view of a Smirl
Which moves in the style of a whirlwind swirl.

And then there’s the Tribble who only eats peas,
His hair can be seen overlapping his knees;

Whilst down at his toes is his servant, the Unt
Who obeys his master with a feeble grunt.

Avoid the Vigoob, whose bolts of lightning
Are dangerous, threatening and truly frightening

If you see the Welliburn, stay calm and still
For he turn his victims to frogs at will.

The Xylabog‘s body is just a rectangle,
With long arms that battle the urge to strangle.

The Yukaliese is a small hairy ball
Which trundles along on the top of a wall.

The Zumbig‘s extinct, a sad little creature
(The last one drowned in a water feature.)



We have only got one life to live,
But we all have something we can give
To make the world a better place for those we leave behind,
This means that we must take our chance
To use our best efforts to enhance
Conditions which prevail for the future of mankind.
We all have some skill that we can use,
To comfort, educate, or simply to amuse,
Remembering everyone’s needs are of a different kind,
                                                                                      It might be just a simple word,
But above the clamour it will be heard,
And could give someone peace of mind.
We cannot pick and choose what we should do,
This has been ordained for me and you,
We must ensure we do that to which we are assigned,
We must act before it is too late
For time will surely pass to seal our fate,
We must not wait until we feel so inclined.
Now is the time for us to show
Our love and care for those we know,
For love is something which should not be confined,
For we only have one life to live,
And now is the time for us to give
To make this world a better place for those we leave behind.
Ron Martin
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