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Daily Archives: September 22, 2014

Must-have – Promote Yourself

must have

by my possessions; 
by having to own 
on wanting to have 
at playing to want 
of living to play.
One Love Always

Downsize to kill – Promote Yourself



At first I heard upgrade.

Later it became downsize.

Customary to contrary belief,

I certainly stood in disbelief.

Why I was the best killer,

never did I agree on a negotiated departure.

My kills were flawless,

yet my loss of job is due to workforce adjustment

Now I sit here,

and I downsize to kill.

  by Ansie Ehrke

So… It’s a no – Promote Yourself

no yyyyyyyyy

U ask me this question again And still Its answer is hard to seek If i answer it with a yes We both know where it leads We’ll try our best this time Once again, With promises to hold on Like leaves in autumn Withering Trying to hold on to the tree And We’ll hold on to each other If we fall we’ll fall together We’ll rise and fall again Overjoyed Stuck on each other

But I’ll answer this With a no For this is the autumn Leading to the fall When the leaves all withered Falls down the pavement Of the cold winter roads Where we will be both Until the day One of us Gets stepped on And i don’t want to see you get crushed Once more

***** Nipun Bajracharya, Nepal

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