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Daily Archives: September 23, 2014

Gossip – Promote Yourself




Damage done

Bored now…

Cheryl Bhagwandin

my-mom-my-role-model – Promote Yourself


My Mom Mrs. Ranjan Gala, a strong, and a lovely person by her nature,

A vivacious lady with a charming personality is a great homemaker.

When I was a kid, I remember my loud cries, I made during numerous nights,

She used to wake up, rubbed my back, sang lullabies and held me close to her tight.

Twenty four hours a day, She not only ran the home, cooked food and cleaned the house properly,

But  ran behind me to feed me  and made sure I had my quotient of food properly.

She is the lady who taught me to crawl and walk,

She is the one because of whose efforts, I have learned to talk .

She has stood by me in all walks of my life,

She not only proved herself as a great mother, a daughter, but also an awesome wife 😉 .

Whenever I have been in some problems, she is the one who supported me,

Who taught me the right and the wrong, and always stood beside me.

My tension seems mollified, by sharing the problems with her,

I felt more confident by her blessings and just by hugging her 🙂 .

She is a very patient person and have faced many problems with a smiling face 🙂 ,

She is a very caring and a wonderful mother and no one can take her place.

Life had treated her very badly at times,

But she never lost her patience or crossed her lines.

In all the exams of my school or college or life, she has always motivated me no matter,

She consoled me saying“Don’t mind Beta, never lose hope, you did your best I know, next time you would surely win.” to make me feel better.

She taught me to be a strong girl and face all the situations tactfully,

She taught me to be a brave girl and dare to do all the things fearlessly.

She inspired me to be an independent woman and stand on my feet,

She inspired me to be a successful person, not just by earning more money, but also earning the respect and walk with your head held high.

Whatever I am today, it’s because of her,

She is truly a God’s Gift to me and no one can replace her ever.

She is the one who have always forgiven me for my committed mistakes,

She has sacrifice her pleasure and done everything beyond her reach, just for my happiness sake.

She is a true friend and an awesome mother I have,

I feel happy and blessed today for what all I have.

She is my role model, whom I idolize,

How hard a job it must have been for her to be a mother, a wife and a daughter in law all at the same time, now I realize.

I have never seen a strong, hardworking and a sacrificing  woman like her,

One day, even I want to be like her.

Love you Mom for being there with me,

And battling against the world just for your daughter that’s”ME”.
-Heta Gala

“No man is poor who has a Godly mother.” 
– Abraham Lincoln

Heta Gala

Worm – Promote Yourself

Rainworm, dew-worm, you squiggly slime,
Thine translucent eyes dragging me in mime
I rose to inquire this morning of fog
Where is your poetry? Where is my black dog?
He’s chasing a gray mouse, he barks at your trail
He squirts questions on my blouse wishing for a snail
Asking the abandoned puddle if it’s lone, he says
Ringworm, rainworm, chewy dew, be gone!
He snuggles up to your goo right next to my foot
He says woof, and woof again, dotted in flea-soot
Leering at my rhyme, he nuzzles your pointy tail
In dog speak, you see, you could never make a snail.
Rainworm, dew-worm, you squiggly slime,
Run away from my dog while you still have time
He will paw you, taste you, he will tease your head,
All because your little body was sadly misread.
Your voice of velvet has burnt her air
The eyes of mud and fastened stare,
You lost, you won, but who to care
Now she sits still, in yellow, and bare.
You took the knife to her concern
All of us knew it was her turn
She cut your flash, you cracked her bone,
You screamed at her: “My love is stone!”
A father’s daughter became a wall
A mother’s son could not yet crawl
Her crumble, your stumble, but only one light,
You chose to frame her, your friend, to indict.
She fell on her face, she turned to me,
Vomited soul; said: “How could this be?”
“I held his fear and wiped his brow,
Would the just Heavens not disallow?“
Withered, she picked some ashes from fire,
She grew white hairs and peace with your mire,
She stopped, she curved, and sometime she sighed,
She said: “I’m off, my friendship has died.”
Fedya Blackbird
Thank you for creating a community for poetry postings and readings, it is heartening to see how many people actually write and enjoy poetry!
I am completely new to poetry, having written my first poem a bit over a month ago – and now I have 7 of them! 🙂
All of them are published on my blog, which is conceptualised as a creative space for a group of friends who write, read, observe, photograph … and like to tell the world about it.
Looking at your audience, I decided to send you a couple of poems from my blog – Worm and Indictment. 
I publish my poems under a pseudonym as corporate careers are often not compatible with individual creative pursuits, and I apologise for signing my email to you with my selected name – but it’s all for a good cause – building a poetic identity away from the corporate observers’ line of sight. 🙂
I hope you will like them and include one in your selection.
I look forward to reading many more beautiful verses on poet creations, and wish you the best of luck with your own poetry projects.

Bridges – Promote Yourself


Mighty she stands so bravely,

reaching for the sky, oh so heavenly.

Concrete made her what she is.

Tornado won’t sweep her off her feet, she ain’t his.

She may, in years to come, be falling down.

Any accident may rob her of her crown.

Connecting interstates with a bond.

Bungee jumpers jump from her back, she’s fond.

But suicide is what she hates most,

death is not her host. 



Downsize to kill


At first I heard upgrade.

Later it became downsize.

Customary to contrary belief,

I certainly stood in disbelief.

Why I was the best killer,

never did I agree on a negotiated departure.

My kills were flawless,

yet my loss of job is due to workforce adjustment

Now I sit here,

and I downsize to kill.




Death dress 


One day endlessly flowing into another.

Blindly moving through the hours creeping by.

Take me away from this place, save me.


Understanding nothing of this battles we go through.

Faithless to the power dragging me down.

Take me away from this place, save me.


The sun stops shining, the birds don’t sing.

This is satan’s world, he despises me.

Take me away from this place, save me.

Ansie Ehrke


I posted on am following Poetreecreations on Wordpress and would like to stand on your platform and showcase my poetry.

I consider myself a highly competent WordPress user. I am currently writing a blog Here you can find samples of my work.

I am from South Africa and live in a small town in Paulpietersburg KZN. I love the outdoors and spending time with my two beautiful kids.

If my services are of interest, please contact me. I work part time as a bookkeeper and I am seeking the opportunity to start a professional career in freelance writing.

Thank you for your consideration.

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