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Daily Archives: September 24, 2014

Can’t stop – Promote Yourself


I can’t stop thinking
My mind always squanders away to you,
Like the unruly stream
Making its way to meet the ocean

I can’t stop seeing
My eyes always trace your footprints,
Like the travelers in the night
Guided by the pole star

I can’t stop loving
My heart has never been this foolish,
Like the naughty child
Still aching for the forbidden candy

I can’t stop feeling
My emotions are far too strong,
Like the ocean waves
Hitting the the shore

I can’t stop cherishing
The moments spent wid you
You reached deep down inside and,
Touched my soul,
Now, I am hopelessly yours


Back to her – Promote Yourself

My mind often wanders back to her.
When the sky darkens and the world quietens.
I wonder if she thinks about me,
as much as I her,
I think about how my heart jumps at her sight,
and if hers does at mine.
I ponder about her confessions,
and if they involved me.
I ask if we’ll ever be something,
hoping an answer from nothing.
A knot in my gut says no,
but the beat of my heart says hold on.
She’s not like the others,
a mystery that enchants me.
And so, when the air sits still,
and my emotions start to stir,
I catch my mind,
often wandering back to her.
Hi my name is Levin Balakrishnan. Hope you enjoy my poem!
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Ravaged – Promote Yourself


Raped by time

Ravaged by education

By knowledge and truths

The imagination slips

Crawls beneath a dusty toy box

Stolen from us

by hormones

by cell phones

by newspaper headlines

by age

Hayli Cox

I am called Hayli May Cox, and I am addicted to words, regardless of language. I am studying writing at Northern Michigan University (USA), where I drink tea and try to get sleep between work, class, and tending to my pet rats. I truly hope you find some enjoyment in my poem, and I thank you for maintaining a wonderful site!
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