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Daily Archives: September 25, 2014


The promiscuous hours slide sensously one into another
Writhing and twisting in endless ecstasy
Trickling down like the grainy sands of time
Dribbling out of the bottom of the sundered glass
Unraveling their bright promising potentiality
‘Till only tattered and frayed remanents litter your soul
A barren desert filled with broken dreams and squandered hopes
Riven by great gaping chasms carved out of grief and lost love
Taste the bitter lees of sorrow’s draught on your tongue
The Grim Reaper claims everyone in the end
Time flies, ages pass, and all is gone and  forgotten.

Emily Karn

My blog: Musings of a Soul Eclectic can be found at

She Hopes – Promote Yourself


Lunar dances,

across her pitch balk stage.

The twinkling stars bear silent witness.

Every second fortnight,

for anyone looking up, a graceful sight.

Unveiled white washed beauty, 

before the sun rises,

and judges her guilty.

Tomorrow night, a shadow across her face.

She’s lost and out of place.

Hold on, its just a phase.

Or so she hopes.

Overtime, the shadow creep and grows.

Soon enough she heals,

another fortnight, another grand reveal.

Alas with a searing fury,

Sun shuns her beauty.

Another shadow across her face.

She hopes, its just another phase…

Hi, my name is Levin Balakrishnan. I wrote the above poem for women who have been in or are still in abusive relationships.

Hope you enjoy the read. Please do check out my blog:


Fighter – Promote Yourself


Because I am a fighter

Just give up and fold

I will never take a chance to

Aspire what I desire

To become someone and

My goal in this life is

Sitting back and watching things happen

I could never make a difference just by

Standing up and raising my voice

I fight all my battles

That’s no way to win

Caving in and playing dead

Is the way to go

Facing life’s battles

Is no option for me

Looking the other way and pretending

Not my concern

Never will I say, it’s

My duty to help

Because some problems are hard to solve, I can’t ignore

Though I got up eight

I fell down seven times

It’s time to acknowlege

A silent observer

That’s who I am and always will be, not

Someone who speaks his mind and stands up for himself and others,

A fighter

(Now read from bottom to top)

my Name is Prospermind and I’d like to submit one of my poems to the “Promote Yourself”-section on your website.
I’m a Boy from Germany, who enjoys the occasional writing. As a former exchange student, who has lived in the United States for a little more than a year, I’ve found myself in love with the english language. I’ve found the English language to be the perfect language to write in. It is the language I can be most creative in.

Best wishes to you, Prospermind.


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