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Vampire – Promote Yourself


Help me
Cry out beneath the dark blanket
Grim voice of peace
Waiting for forgiveness in blood

Hope is a poison
A false tongue
To stain the fingers of idle hands

Labyrinth of form
To map out the void
The black heart of tomorrow
A quiet lie
A friendly hand in mine
Leading me beyond the pale edge of safety
Into the white maze of nothing

Close my eyes
Peaceful night murdered by the inner light
Blind my mind
Please help me
I will live forever
If I never find something to die for

Immortal horror
This hatred is an endless story
Hidden in the brightest lights
No reason to find
No will to fight
Come alive and kill me
Before I am eternal night
Lurking in obliterating empty light

There is nowhere to hide
No way to die
Empty fingers drawing lines
Empty lips are filled with lies
Colour white to justify
Perpetuate the lullaby
To trick the mind to stay inside
To be the lie
To paint and shape the azure sky
To match the cartoon humble pie
Our mothers baked inside our eyes

Paradise is but a picture
A safe reflection of the wild
Truth removed to help us smile
The nature is the beast
Its mean
Thirsty violence
Taught to crave the sweetest meat

The picture is clean
The beauty is easy to see
But the heart doesn’t bleed
When it breaks

The lips never scream
The eyes never see
Eternal lie
Framed for everyone to speak

Help me
I don’t want to break free
I want to stay
And bring it to its knees
Teach a god to see like me

Distractions flash to calm the weak
The truth is stronger than the meek
The ever changing face evokes the curiosity
Of few
So far between
Together we will never be…

How could I have known
I have always died alone…

– John Thursday

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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