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Daily Archives: September 30, 2014

Making of a Mean Girl – Promote Yourself


You started with bows in your hair,
holding momma’s hand,
long dresses at your ankles
with stains of mud and grass.
You climbed trees with your girlfriends
and said “no boys aloud.”
You smashed dandelions to your face
like the blush momma wears
and caught grasshoppers and worms
after a cool rain.
You started with your hands open,
reaching out to your best friends.

You watched the television commercials
with their women and men and sex
and wanted to buy their shampoo.
You saw the music videos
with the naked hips that sway
and wanted to learn to dance.
You saw the glorified thigh gap
or read somewhere that “real women have curves”
and cried in front of the mirror.
You climbed down your tree fort
for some romeo below
who stared up your skirt.

Hayli Cox

The Sky Above Weeps. – Promote Yourself

rainy day

The sky above weeps.

Bloated rain drops

Languidly roll down glass sheets,

Like crystalline beetles

Scurrying and



Outside people ebb

And flow like shoals of fish.

Scintillating streams

Pouring down streets

With a canvassed sheen;

Spilling out into town and country.

A deluge.


Their waves crash down with a sound

Like towers of fragile flutes

Toppling to the ground,

Countless grey faces reflecting

In the foam of all the all-consuming,



Yet somewhere, beyond sight,

Brilliant white birds soar:

A gliding reverie

In a clear swept azure.

By Jay St John Knight.

Mystique and magical fun

Wow it is Goose Fair

Where I have arrived

A magical land

Full of glistening jewels,

That stands before my eyes

Every one lit up like

Diamonds in a crown

Like a rainbow in the sky,

The beauty is all around

Like a magnetic field,

It beckons me

To the  mystique of the big wheel,

I follow the crystals

One by one,

Every one a different colour

Enticing me to discover,

Each and every ride

Is mystique and magical fun

By Gillian Sims

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