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Daily Archives: October 1, 2014

SELENE – Promote Yourself

Thou art a Glorious Pearlescent Orb of Light,
a Gleaming Silver Beacon in the Darkness of Night,
O’ Shining Mistress of the Ocean’s Salty Tide,
Daily an Arc across the Ebon Sky you Ride,
Dark to Light to Dark, Thy Splendor Waxes and Wanes,
Bound to Earth by Gravity’s Heavy Chains,
Cycling Endlessly from Birth to Maturity to Death,
Thine Lambent Beauty Takes Away my Very Breath,
Trifold Goddess: Daughter, Mother, and Crone,
I Feel Thy Pulse Endless in my Blood, Body, and Bone,
Thou Dancest Serenely amongst the Burning Stars,
in a Stately Waltz with Mercury, Venus and Mars,
Long may Thy Argent Light Shine,
Incomparable Radiant Deity Divine.


Senseless – Promote Yourself



If all I could see

was in front of my eyes


I’d be blind.


If all I could hear

was the sound that noise makes


I’d be deaf.


If all I could feel 

was the touch of another


I’d be numb.


And if the only way to my heart

really was through my stomach


I’d be sick.


But it’s not

because I AM.

One Love Always

jason graham

Wise Willy … on Love – Promote Yourself


“If you love and get hurt, love more.
If you love more and hurt more, love even more.
If you love even more and get hurt even more, love some more
until it hurts no more …”
Harder to write and to read than prose, but poetry
expresses far more elegantly, passionately
and emotively than one may ever, hopefully,
aspire to … prosaically.
A form of written expression … so seemingly … like lyrical hymn,
has been … historically … so seemingly … favored by Him.
To wit, the superlative verse of the great poets, amongst them,
Ovid, Emily, Robert … and the immortal … William.
Shakespeare’s reputation, amongst thoughtful (wo)men
is amongst … the best … of the west.
It is complemented by the east’s, Khalil Gibran;
between them; amongst the best … of the best.
And so it has been that inspired by Him, Willy,
Khalil, Ovid, Robert and Emily, et. al., when expressively
needing to deliver a passionate message … dramatically,
authors know; there’s no better way … than poetically.
Accordingly, “If you love more and hurt more, love even more.
If you love even more and get hurt even more,
love some more
until it hurts no more …” 
By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

It’s that time of year Goose Fairs Coming to Town

Nottingham Goose Fair 2013

Goose fair poems



As soft as clouds, as pink as a rose, the smell of the candy floss won’t leave your nose.

It’s like a sky scraper standing proud and tall, though when I am in it I feel very small.

Whizzing as fast as the speed of light, I get a headache as I watch the sight.  (Written by Megan King)


Rides spinning round and round, getting closer to the ground.

Sounding like volcanoes erupting. (Written by Adrian Wagstaffe )


The bright lights hit her head with a bang!

She wandered over to the food van.

Rides whizzing past.

As she queues up for one rather fast.  (Written by Isobel Pye)


The candy floss is oh so nice, you will have to eat it twice! ( Written by Holli-Ann Beer)



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