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Daily Archives: October 2, 2014

Casting Shadows – Promote Yourself


It was in the night

When I met

A white figure

passing through the trees

I wondered around, it was so cold

The trees were frosting up

I shivered and let out a screech

Suddenly I felt someone touch my hand,

I looked down and around

But all I could see was the grey mist

Beneath my feet

It was all such a fright

Who could be hiding

like shadows in the night?

Lorelle Jakubiak

Age 15

Blood Bath – Promote Yourself

 images dev
Blood will flow
Geysers rich red with oxygen
Measuring my breath in dark spurts
Morbid pools of reality
A crimson cloak mirror
Softly swaying in perfect circles
A feast for her ancestor
Puddled on the floor
Sprayed across walls
Wrenched cage of my chest
A chalice of bones
Horror from the dawn
Laid bare by her talon
Her dripping red teeth
Clenching decades of rotten flesh
She needs no knife
Dragging my half severed head
Clenching my slit throat neck
Raising my red raw eyes
As darkness drops
And light ascends
The fire in her lips
Curling like my death skull grin
Smiling at this deadly flame filled leech
Blood let
She’s letting me
A shaman
With flaming breath
A divine lover
Sealing my mortal wounds
With an immortal fire
By Daniel Williams


Goose Fair is a happy place

The noise is loud and shrill

And people come from miles around

Looking for a thrill

By riding on the dodgems, the rocket and the wheel

Or even of the carousels Made of wood and steel

There’s sideshows there to entertain

With freaks that are quite funny

And there are many things to eat

That,s if you’ve got the money

The lights shine bright, the music plays

The swings go up and down

And everyone in Radford knows

The fair has come to town

In the year 2005 the fair was extended 

To include Wednesday and Sunday as well

But the fair is still opened at Thursday noon

When the lord mayor rings his bell

The council maintain that this good for the economy

But for some it can be source of disruption and misery

For we should remember the fair is a noisy and raucous affair

Which is not always appreciated by all those who live near

So if you visit and enjoy the attractions of the fair

Think about the residents who suffer disruption at this time every year

By Ron martin

“Fairground Attraction”

“Fairground Attraction” Size 12×12″ Acrylics on Canvas
Exhibition:From 24th September 2013 Studio 61 Gallery, Studio 61 Gallery,
Leashaw  Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 5AT 01629 534532

ImageMy latest painting is inspired by the famous Nottingham “Goose Fair”. I was asked by a local company in Nottingham if I’d like my art featured on their website for September 2013 they also featured one of my paintings last year “The Great British Mini”

Debbie Mawhinney Directorat The New Fat  suggested I tie in an event or similar that would occur in Nottingham, I agreed to do some research and on my findings I decided the Nottingham Goose Fair would be a good choice and so Debbie happily agreed and changed my feature date to October.

The Goose Fair ties in with autumn one of my favourite seasons and the very famous event. I also lived in Nottinghamshire for a while as a child and later again as a teenager it couldn’t be a more perfect choice I really love to find connections.

I researched further and found that the Goose Fair had been running for over 700 years. It all began at the time of King Edward l in 1284 and began as a trade fair for animals, farmers would paint the feet of their geese with tar and walk them more than 50 miles or more to the fair. Over the years entertainment and stalls were added and eventually travellers brought their attractions and thus The Goose Fair became a “Fairground Attraction” and always at the beginning of October, it is now the biggest fair held in Europe with over 100 attractions. Last but not least there is also a famous painting by Artist Arthur Spooner “The Nottingham Goose Fair” 1926 and sold by Christies in 2004. The paintings is now exhibited at Nottingham Castle.

It would be just perfect to recreate my own larger version in the not too distant future.

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