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Do you know what its like

Chasing dreams

With no wings

Chase a dream

So far from reach

Through the realms of reality

Have to redefine

Time and space

Baby, its an inner race

Pave through life by cheating

Conjure up my will

Take tragic beatings

But become accustomed

To changing the weather

By snatching free-falling feathers

Because it’s mighty difficult

Chasing dreams

Paving through life

With broken wings

But, God you should see the details

Of the fabric in this wing

A world of show and tell

Of how she rose and fell

Baby, it was just her beginning…

By Carmina Bioc

Dedicated to Imelda Cruz Bioc, my mother, who passed away to cancer. She sacrificed time and distance to give my sisters and I a better future in America. This poem was inspired by a photo I took a few years ago. Serendipity,  they call it


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