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Daily Archives: October 6, 2014

The Room – Promote Yourself

There is a little room where thoughts of freedom roam.

Fears cannot be found; pain can never be felt.
No words of gossip. No words of rage.
Joy and laughter does abound,
And the sun is ever shining,
But this little room has a door that is locked tight.
I keep knocking and calling;
Yet, no one will answer.
Evil looks glare from those angry eyes.
Harsh words of accusation surround my ears.
Fear consumes me.
My heart is left vulnerable. Love is on the line.
Trying to be strong, I stand to face the fight.
I pray for courage and for strength
As I walk upon the battlefield.
My love for him increases, so strong, I cannot hide.
Please God, give me wisdom and discernment.
For what is within, I cannot lie.
I do not want to be afraid.
I do not want to withdraw.
I love Him. I need Him.
I want to enter that little room
.Mia Grizzle

Little Dipper – Promote Yourself


When the sky purples and the sun is low

I strip slyly on polished stone by the pond

And sink myself into the celestial pool.

Bathing in phosphorescence,

I watch the stars blink into existence

As young bass nip my nakedness.


Hayli Cox

Discovery – Promote Yourself

I halt around each corner.
Fear grips me as I tiptoe my way to discovery.
What will I find?
Better yet, who?
With each step I try to gain
I know what’s coming: the mirror.
Who will it be this time?
The perfectionist, perhaps?
The singer?
The strong one?
Not this time;
the masks have been discarded.
Instead, I find myself as a child
being held in the arms of Time Itself,
being carried by the only True Love that exists,
being reminded of the beauty created within me.
I weep staring at the image I thought was lost.
I reach desiring to grab hold of my dreams.
I want to remember this image forever
because I can see I have always been His.
He is my journey.
He is my discovery around every corner
of every trial
of every chapter
of my life.
Beyond the masks eternally lies this image:
Fearlessness in the arms of God,
Who shapes every inch,
Who mends each broken piece,
Whose love exposes truth
in pain
and joy
in tears.
My hope runs with His blood.
My heart beats with each new song of creation.
My soul weeps with the broken
for I am a part of Him:
His image, my discovery.”
.My name is Lauren Heiligenthal, and I’m from the United States. I’ve always enjoyed poetry and am encouraged by your blog’s promotion of any and all poets. Poetry has always been a way to work through my thoughts and emotions, and I’ve discovered more about myself through it. The poem I’m submitting to you is one that demonstrates these aspects of my poetry writing. Hope you enjoy it and are encouraged as well. 
Lauren Heiligenthal

Frozen Waterfall – Promote Yourself

Time strips the color
from my eyes
as memories collide
swirling within
the thoughtless kind.
I spent a life waiting,
forcing impatient hands
unaware that what
awaited was only her…
…that’s her…
golden green peering
through me with
lens so clear,
curves instigating
pummeling breaths,
her mind a waterfall
of celebration’s fire.
She owned me
in moments where
time stands….
.Nathan Lindsay
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