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Anger – Promote Yourself

I wake up, but I am not alone.
I feel the claws and the burning underneath my skin.
It’s trying to get out,
and I can’t contain it for long.
How destructive is a thought?
It never seems like much
until it starts to grow.
A thought then transforms
into an emotion,
and it changes me from the inside
The claws, the thoughts, the emotions—
the monster breaks free,
leaving me bound and hopeless.
I lash out without thought,
wanting to feel the wrath,
yet secretly wishing to change.
The wave of destruction hits,
but then guilt.
“I didn’t fight hard enough.
I could’ve killed it.”
Yet I forget that it answers to me.
I have bound myself to its will,
forgetting I am free
because Christ has removed my chains.
It is now time to carry my cross
and kill the anger inside.
If I am a slave,
it’s only because I choose to be.
Lauren Heiligenthal

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