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Shipwreck- Promote Yourself


I wish I didn’t care as much; it would make this goodbye not so hard

Our ups and downs have me going crazy, like a psych ward

I wish you could feel what I feel because then you would finally know

It never rains with you since you’re so cold it only snows

I was once in pieces and you were the reason I became complete

But I’ve never been first and I’m tired of always having to compete

It might takes me months, even years to fade your scars

And you’ve made my own home feel like some place on Mars

I still smell your cologne on my pillowcase

I wish I had the strength in me to keep up the chase

I gave you everything and you never gave enough

You told me it wasn’t going to be easy sailing but the water is just too rough

And I’m so sick of pretending like everything is fine

When in reality I’m literally going out of my mind

It’s not a question of my devotion; I’ve always put you first

But while you were giving her your best I always got your worst

So that’s it I’m giving up, I’m raising my white flag

I’ve packed up all your gifts and they’re sitting in a garbage bag

That stuffed animal never turned into a real puppy

Just a prime example of the empty promises you made me

It wasn’t always so bad; we were smooth sailing for a while

But you sailed us off course, and the whole time with a smile

You knew all along that you wanted to have us both

And soon doubts set in and they multiplied like a growth

Because there was the iceberg right in front of my face

And she never went anywhere; she was always in first place

So full speed ahead and we have no choice but to crash

Suddenly it hit me while before my very eyes my life began to flash

You are not the only lifeguard and you’re not the sole life vest

I can save myself because I’ve realized I’m no one’s second best

I’m sorry I can’t keep up the charade

I never meant to rain on your parade

But you had your cake and were eating it too

This was never fair for me and I wish you’d get a clue

I would have killed for you, went to Wall Street and robbed a bank

We might not have been as great as the Titanic, but we too sank

And it’s me that’s forever lost in the cold Atlantic that’s your heart

I never planned for shipwreck but I refuse to fall apart

 by Cassandra Lupi



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