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Daily Archives: October 10, 2014

Light’s Gentle Hints – Promote Yourself


My body rises up

And my shadow

Falls behind


The light hits my face

I smile

As my eyes start to shine


A knowing of a future

Without those slippery rocks

To fall upon


And a piece of understanding

As to which side           

I should lean on


LaVancia Phoenix

12 – 30 – 1996          

Hello! My name is LaVancia Phoenix. I am from the United States and I’m working on an autobiography about my mental illness, schizophrenia. Feel free to stop by my website anytime. Thanks!     



I held someone special,

Someone meek and mild,

Someone very precious,

It was our little child.


A child born healthy,

Perfect in every way,

But alas my dream was broken,

As motionless in its cot it lay.


A cot death I was told,

Not even an explanation,

Just one of those things,

Just one of Gods creation.


The pain the heartache and the sorrow,

The guilt the helplessness the shame,

Who can I vent my anger on?

Who on earth do I blame?


I know in time the hurt will fade,

But my love will always be,

With that precious child of mine,

Who meant everything to me?


So Father take care of my treasure,

Give my child all your love,

Until we are together again,

In your wonderful world above.


Malcolm G Bradshaw

“Oath” – Promote Yourself

I am my own soul.
I see my own sunrise
and command my own sunset.
An oath,
a vow to myself
to die on my feet
than to live on my knees,
with the tongue of a poet
and the mind of a revolutionary.
So I will see that horizon,
and stare the burning sun
and smile with desire when trouble
my way comes…
(oliver callum ferenth)
I am a 17 year old writer from Britain, but living in the Middle East. I write poems on my old typewriter and plan to write novels in the future. I have lived in England, Abu Dhabi and now live in Muscat, Oman.
Thank you for your time, I hope to send you more poems
oli ferenth

Season – Promote Yourself



A new flower blossoms in springtime
as it bathes in radiant sunshine
and drinks in the refreshing rain
from heaven.
Nothing to disturb it now
except a storm or two,
but even if a few petals fall
they will grow back anew.
The inevitable comes as the wind changes,
the air feels crisp and chill.
The petals fall more frequently now.
How can this be God’s will?
Exposed, bare, and withered
the flower disappears under a blanket of snow
and ponders its purpose.
Oh, how will it grow?
Time passes by;
it feels like an eternity.
Then a ray of light pierces the darkness,
and the flower rediscovers its identity.
In truth, it was never lost.
Only a season had passed.
The blossoms begin to return
and this year, the flower is stronger than last.
It is a mystery why the seasons change,
why the world becomes cold,
why the light seems to fade,
yet without the death of the old,
new things cannot unfold.
With the passing of a season,
the flower becomes alive again
with newfound hope and rejuvenation.
Now there is nothing to fear,
nothing to dread,
because the Creator knows what lies ahead.
Lauren Heiligenthal

‘These eyes’ – Promote Yourself


Tear my eyes apart

For I’m not one to see

Such beauty as yours

Is too much for me


To better myself

My only plan

What can I offer?

Only my heart, only my hand


It hangs by a thread

In the air like a scream

No thief will come by

They know I’m empty


My fate it was you

But yours I was not

No, instead the path forward

Has started to rot


All time I shall wait

With a hope and a dream

Because I know if you don’t

I’m the lock to your key

Carly Short


The Path We Travel –


Father on our life’s journey,

We are tested by many things,

We don’t always get what we desire,

Just accept what fate it brings.


We can’t always have fame and fortune,

We can’t always be a star,

We can’t always do the things we like,

We just have to accept who we are.


Accepting the gifts that we have,

Using them to help mankind,

Then we shall know we are someone,

For we have helped to open another one’s mind.


There is more to life than the material,

A force so powerful and bright,

It transformed a nobody,

In to someone with spiritual light.


It’s not wrong to set your sights high,

So long as you remember to do,

The things you do for others,

Would be the things you would do for you.


Malcolm G Bradshaw

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