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Daily Archives: October 12, 2014

Confidence – Promote Yourself

As the dawn breaks
a new day awaits
as I anticipate our time together
when I look upon you as beauty,
as Mine.
Purple shades of light
dance in your eyes
as you allow your creative mind
to intertwine with Mine,
unfolding a masterpiece
of all that’s divine.
I have called you.
The rivers of your compassionate heart
flow into the paint as you color
life into another,
creating a picture she could not see
for herself.
I have given you new eyes to see My Majesty,
and ears to hear My voice.
I am speaking to you.
Embrace My blessings.
Find your rest in Me.
Throw off all insecurity
and be brave to let others see who
I have created you to be.
Let your voice
sing into your fingertips
as you play
your music
painted on a naked
Laugh until your tears
collide with an aching heart
crying out for freedom.
Bring healing.
Chase after Me,
and I will unfold
glorious dreams
of joy and deliverance
wrapped in My magnificence.
Trust that I hold you
and cover you with peace
as you sleep
with a tear rolling down your cheek.
I have never left you.
You are My precious,
My daughter,
My everything.
Because I love you I call you to be you,
exposed and humble,
so that others will see Me:
your Strength and Confidence.
Lauren Heiligenthal

CONGRATULATIONS, Malala & Kailash – Promote Yourself


Two years ago and one day ago Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan was wantonly
shot in the head by a gunman of the Pakistani
Taliban. Today, she has been honored by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.
She’s sharing the 2014 peace prize with Indian … Kailash Satyarthi.
Irony abounds here. Malala’s world-widely famous at seventeen. Kailash, at sixty,
is less renowned. Kailash is an Indian Hindu. Malala is a Muslim, Pakistani.
Geographically speaking India and Pakistan are neighboring countries;
that notwithstanding, they are less than neighborly … politically.
That being the case, perhaps the most hopeful harbingers of global solidarity
to arise from today’s prize announcements are the invitations, timely,
by prize winners Malala and Kailash to the political leaders of their countries;
to join them on the podium when they receive their Nobels … from the Committee.
By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

@chachomanopapa on Twitter

Threw Our Life Away – Promote Yourself


At first, I imagined it was how dying felt.
The thought was so cliche’,
A heart broken, torn out and thrown away.

A lifetime of happiness and love,
In an instant, taken away forever.

Days were long, nights were lonely,
Tears were never ending,
You went ahead and threw our life away.

You found someone else,
To call your own,
Time went by and again you called.

She was not what she seemed,
Not what you wanted,
You went ahead and threw our life away.

Mistake’s are made,
Lesson’s are learned,
At the end of the day, you threw our life away.

Hope Renea
My name is Hope and I live in Central Florida in the USA. I am a young Mother and aspiring author. I have just begun my journey with blogging and am looking forward to all there is to learn.





Goodbye, farewell,

Your work on earth is done,

Your journey to a new life,

Into spirit has just begun.


So many memories,

Good times spent with you,

A team together facing the world,

Difficult times we had were few.


We knew one day it would happen,

Death has taken you away from me,

We knew one day we would part,

Death has broken my heart.


I know you are still around me,

I feel your presence near,

I feel your arms around me,

Lost love held so dear,


Bathe in the light that surrounds you,

Let it fill your sprit with love,

Let it sustain and heal you,

As you join the Father above.


I know I must not be selfish,

I know I must not be sad,

But the memories keep flooding back,

Of the good times that we had.


But I know its time to let you go,

Released from the misery and pain,

Just prepare a place for me my love,

And a kiss until we meet again.


Malcolm G Bradshaw   

Broken – Promote Yourself

broken man
If only you could change
your way of thinking,
you could see yourself as a man
worthy of a divine call.
Who would you be if you could no longer
mutter strength
in words?
The idea of your ugliness being displayed
for all to see.
Who would you be to them then?
You are.
Lauren Heiligenthal

SURPRISE SNEEZE -Promote Yourself


Clear as day I’ve tripped

Tumbled, face before feet

Such a remarkable shock it was

You could liken it to a surprise sneeze!


That can’t be so

Like a sneeze you say?

I know right, I’m dazed

Disney didn’t tell me it’d happen this way


Come now, you’re dreaming

It can’t be true

But no! I pinched

I’m not lying to you


I’ve tried to stay cool

To keep my feelings at bay

But I’m lost in your eyes

Listen to me, I’m such a cliche!


In years long passed by

I’d have chuckled at this rhyme

‘Only fools fall in love’ I’d say

Funny how things change with time


Oh yes, hilarious

For sure it is not!

I didn’t follow the stories

I got lost in the plot


But now it’s all clear

I can see what I missed

And quite frankly it was less stressful

Living in my naive bliss!




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