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Daily Archives: October 14, 2014



You are stripping away my wealth,

You are stripping way my pride,

You are taking away my dignity,

You are clawing away inside.


You are cutting down my trees,

You are polluting all my land,

You are taking away my resources,

You are completely out of hand.


You are destroying my landscapes,

Polluting the very air,

I may not last much longer,

You do not seem to care.


I provide so much pleasure,

For you all to gaze upon,

I feel raped and dirty,

What you are doing is wrong.


Open your eyes and look,

At the destruction and the pain,

Through greed and selfishness,

You have let me down again.


My purpose is to sustain you,

But what are you giving me,

Nothing but heartache and sorrow,

As far as the eye can see.


Please before its too late,

Don’t make things worse,

Cherish and protect me,

For I am Mother Earth.


Malcolm G Bradshaw  

Summer In The Square – Promote Yourself


Summer In The Square

I’m wondering with

Eyes itching with hayfever

Why we do all this


Maybe Beryl knows

Ice cold water bottle fun

And the sky shines on


Curious pigeon

Trace sharp tongues of grass to find

Us hugging the sun


A warmth not human

It’s the glow of our childhood

That’s not coming back


It’s everything we

Wish would stay the same, but it

Just shows the difference


Clouds kissing my skin

Cut grass and oily coconut cream

The smile of freedom


Emily Duke

I’ve been writing poetry for quite a few years now and am currently in my third year of an English Degree in Brighton. I started my blog about six months ago and it’s got off to a really good start, so I’d love for you to add a link to it if you publish my poem too 🙂 

Five Estates of the Realm – Promote Yourself

Five Estates of the Realm … on Jump-starting … the Commoners
Really surreal, nonfiction: he historical three estates of the realm The, clergy,
nobility and commons; now five, with media … come lately.
Really surreal, nonfiction: There are now five estates of the realm; clergy,
nobility and commons … media, are … Johnny-come-latelies.
Really surreal, nonfiction: Now there are five estates of the realm but newly
added reporters and bloggers, now eclipse, two … of three.
Really surreal, nonfiction: Two of the five estates of the realm, are reporters
and bloggers … would that they jump-start … the commoners. 
By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

@chachomanopapa on Twitter

Complacency-The Miasma Unseen – Promote Yourself


As I listened it all seemed so good, so right

The Scriptures quoted spot on

I felt myself being drawn in praying along

It all made perfect sense

It was something I thought I needed to hear

But there was more…

And it came in the form of a book and 3 dvds

For thirty five dollars it would be sent to me

And right there I was lost…disconnected

The vacuum cleaner’s electrical cord stretched to it’s limits

The droning winding down

Inertia halting

dying with a feeble whine as the cord was yanked from the receptacle

“Cat o’ nine tail’s Righteous fury, tables overturned…!”

money changers scurrying

i turned off my cell phone and put the credit card back into my wallet

(what was i thinking?!)

and it threatened to tear me apart

as i was violently snapped out of it !

stronger than it had pulled at me

that I had been listening and following so closely

such seeming sincerity

sundered sound-bites

of only temporal brevity

had suckered me in

you seemed like such a nice guy

so well informed

and I wanted so to believe in your message

I whispered “Holy Spirit come”

And I was compelled to withdraw

Run towards The Son

Little naked child

Hands raised for Poppa

Reaching out

Asking myself…

When did I learn to walk much less run?

When did I become so clinically analytical?

Or have I just become cynical?

(Is it really all so formulaic…in grey scale italics?)

There is nothing simpler

Than to simply seek after “ABBA”

in JESUS name. 

Anthony Gomaz

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