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Daily Archives: October 16, 2014

The tell tale heart – by Edgar Allen Poe, – YOUR FAVOURITE POEM






The clock – Promote Yourself


We live our lives
on the face of a clock.
Constantly chasing every second,
riding every minute 
and sleeping with every hour.

A relentless motion
drives us forward.
Even if we are stumbling,
our heads along the ground
and chewing on our last spoonfuls
of true grit.

It is impossible to
For we are enslaved
by the ticking,
cemented on its surface,
beneath the tricky
of a beautiful opaque

But when clock finally stops,
silence becomes our fear,
stillness our death
and we long
for the ticking
of our home.  

My name is Anthony Keers and I live in the city of Manchester, England. Although writing has been a hobby since an early age, I haven’t been able to partake in creating writing for a while due to exams and high education. However, I do like to manage my short story and poetry blog called ‘Urban Life’, which can be found here:

Curves – Promote Yourself

I miss the way
your mind curves,
the discovery
of each new path
laid out by
a seductive impression
of your view.
I miss the way
our conversations
seemed to color shapes,
an outline for some
new world to call
our own.
I miss the vibrant color
of your voice,
the passion of belief
intertwined within
tangible strings
of letters.
An aesthetic beauty
augmented by
the erotic grace
of who you are,
as if your soul added
to the pristine prism
of your body.
I miss the way
your mind curves.
I miss the way
you shaped me.
Nathan Lindsay

Trees are Poems the Earth Writes upon the Sky – Promote Yourself


Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky …. The salvation
of Earth may depend on, analogs of, Khalil Gibran.
And so it has been that this author is inspired by the poets, by William
and … the Almighty Him.
Harder to write and to read than prose, but poetry
expresses far more elegantly, passionately
and emotively than one may ever, hopefully,
aspire to … prosaically.
A form of written expression … so seemingly … like lyrical hymn,
has been … historically … so seemingly … favored by Him.
To wit, the superlative verse of the great poets, amongst them,
Ovid, Emily, Robert … and the immortal … William.
Shakespeare’s reputation, amongst thoughtful (wo)men
is amongst … the best … of the west.
It is complemented by the east’s, Khalil Gibran;
between them; amongst the best … of the best.
And so it has been that inspired by an the Almighty Him,
William, Khalil, Ovid, Robert and Emily, et. al., when expressively
needing to deliver a passionate message … dramatically,
authors know; there’s no better way … than poetically.
By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

@chachomanopapa on Twitter

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