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Daily Archives: October 19, 2014

The mask you wear


You wear the bluest summer in your eyes

You are like a raging river when you cry

You wear the sunset in your smile

You have the emotions of a child

You become the mask that you always wear

You build a wall when I try to care

I hear your laughter on a summers morn

Like the sweet sound of birds at dawn

As the daylight illuminates your face

Your sweetness I capture and embrace

Like marshmallows in your arms

I caress your magnetic charm

I steel your emotions one by one

I slowly peel away your mask

To expose the true you at last

Gillian Jane Sims

Bubblews; GREAT EXPECTATIONS … Popped -Promote Yourself


Mere months ago many wrote giddily (I, amongst them) of the great expectations
of a business model … that threatened … social media institutions.
Written then: “Between posts, tweets and bubbles, in a jungle that is [media] only
the latter of book, bird and bubble … shares … its money.
Between book, bluebird and bubble, only the latter is the innovatively pioneering,
first, FAIR ecosystem of the internet … truly … sharing.
Chachomanopapa is a poster, a tweeter and a bubbler too, decidedly unhappy
that Zuckerberger’s Facebook book be such … a common … bully.
Chachomanopapa is a poster, a tweeter and a bubbler too, but Twitter offers
little more than shout-outs and sales pitches from … 140 characters. is the new kid on a block populated by bigger and tougher boys;
but this boy is his own man … a man-boy committed to sharing … his toys.
The new kid on the block is a visionary willing to rock this bubble of a boat. We
bubblers too must share its vision … and rock this boat … visionarily.
The new kid is a rock and roller … rocking and rolling … the powers that be;
for … far more important than money … is community.”
Alas, Bubblews is but a mere bubble. And, as we all know all too well, it is not
in the nature of a bubble … not … to pop. 

By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

@chachomanopapa on Twitter

[ THE AIR OF SILENCE ] – Promote Yourself

                                               Silence is golden not a sound you make, not even a whisper make no mistake,          all is quiet peace at last, have a glass of wine, a meal to last.                                    –                                                                  Silence of the night, quiet and calm, look out side and hear a alarm, you hear them whisper and say, oh no not really not today.                                                          Silence is what we need, we listen to sounds as we read, quietness and peaceful all night long, we breath with relife an sing a song.                                    As we rest,as we sleep, silence is golden in that we keep.   
  { Patricia bourne}

“Reflect” – Promote Yourself


Mirror, mirror on the wall –

Show me how and when I will fall.
To my dismay, find my demise –
As quickly as I shut my eyes.

Stumbling through this life –
Failing once more to end my strife.
As wonderful I thought I was –
It’s hard to like this body still.
It’s hell to keep on thinking still.
For every motion and every memory –
One more mistake I cannot bury.

As Hippocrates once had spoken –
“Primum non nocerae”
A verse I wish had been known to me –
And long ago.
How awful has this thing become?

Mirror, mirror on the wall –
Show me where and when I had gone wrong.
People, people that I love –
Apologies for my misuse.
Of terrible likeness I’ve wandered still.
No healing found in depths of heart.
I’ve faltered, fumbled yet again.
But still, oh still –
I strive to mend.
And fail I do –
In every measure.
What good in me is still found?

Constantly soliloquizing –
And of my falters, so done trying.
Giving up is just so easy –
Yet letting go is still so hard.

Mirror, mirror on the wall –
Show me God and let me fall.
People, people here around me –
Come close here, and please surround me.
Throw your stones and curse my name.
Perhaps I will begin again.

My heart, my heart!
Oh blackened, bruised –
A soul come tattered and abused.
Coming to be, and changing still –
The same I am not, and never will.
Who I become, I may not love –
Though life too precious to be given up.
As much as I would like to cease –
Something here, still me –
It keeps.

Mirror, mirror on the wall –
Show me hell and watch me burn.
Demons, demons here around –
Come surround and tear me down.

Of loving and confusion kind –
And of the hurt I’ve left behind –
Apologies do not suffice.
Of this world, which I survive –
I’m finding myself unpleasantly surprised.

As saddened as I have become –
I seek out wonders to the tongue.
I search for goodness in the world –
And empty handed I become.
Of all the things that I have done –
Of all the things that I may do –
I doubt that they will be enough.

In realizing myself true –
I fear, a fire does indeed brew.
Of wishing I could kill this here –
To set anew a person, clear.
Of wanting all the world to see –
Yet hiding face, berating still.

Mirror, mirror on the wall –

Show me my face and let me die.”
Evan martinez

Hello there, my name is Evan J. Martinez, I live in the U.S, I’m only in my sophomore year of high school and I’m learning to become an electrician, and I am the owner of the blog “” (wolfpacey’s blog)

I would like to thank you for liking my poem “Fin” and I wanted to submit a poem that I am especially proud of.

“A Different Moon” – Promote Yourself


Last year, under
a different moon,
with rays beaming
through the leaves
of pepper trees,
I stood…far from here…
on lonely porch.
Lost in the succulent spells
…of discovery.
The song of her voice,
caroling enchanting stories
of trials
and triumphs.
My heart…stirred
with sensational
of excitement,
…in reverie…
worshiping each…
in admiration of
…of her…
Absorbing the notes
…of her life…
A fantasy became palpable,
as if sipping love
spun from
…the dreams of angels.
A beauty divine…
…and lost…
a different moon…
…last year…
…that’s her…
Nathan Lindsay


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