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Mirror, mirror on the wall –

Show me how and when I will fall.
To my dismay, find my demise –
As quickly as I shut my eyes.

Stumbling through this life –
Failing once more to end my strife.
As wonderful I thought I was –
It’s hard to like this body still.
It’s hell to keep on thinking still.
For every motion and every memory –
One more mistake I cannot bury.

As Hippocrates once had spoken –
“Primum non nocerae”
A verse I wish had been known to me –
And long ago.
How awful has this thing become?

Mirror, mirror on the wall –
Show me where and when I had gone wrong.
People, people that I love –
Apologies for my misuse.
Of terrible likeness I’ve wandered still.
No healing found in depths of heart.
I’ve faltered, fumbled yet again.
But still, oh still –
I strive to mend.
And fail I do –
In every measure.
What good in me is still found?

Constantly soliloquizing –
And of my falters, so done trying.
Giving up is just so easy –
Yet letting go is still so hard.

Mirror, mirror on the wall –
Show me God and let me fall.
People, people here around me –
Come close here, and please surround me.
Throw your stones and curse my name.
Perhaps I will begin again.

My heart, my heart!
Oh blackened, bruised –
A soul come tattered and abused.
Coming to be, and changing still –
The same I am not, and never will.
Who I become, I may not love –
Though life too precious to be given up.
As much as I would like to cease –
Something here, still me –
It keeps.

Mirror, mirror on the wall –
Show me hell and watch me burn.
Demons, demons here around –
Come surround and tear me down.

Of loving and confusion kind –
And of the hurt I’ve left behind –
Apologies do not suffice.
Of this world, which I survive –
I’m finding myself unpleasantly surprised.

As saddened as I have become –
I seek out wonders to the tongue.
I search for goodness in the world –
And empty handed I become.
Of all the things that I have done –
Of all the things that I may do –
I doubt that they will be enough.

In realizing myself true –
I fear, a fire does indeed brew.
Of wishing I could kill this here –
To set anew a person, clear.
Of wanting all the world to see –
Yet hiding face, berating still.

Mirror, mirror on the wall –

Show me my face and let me die.”
Evan martinez

Hello there, my name is Evan J. Martinez, I live in the U.S, I’m only in my sophomore year of high school and I’m learning to become an electrician, and I am the owner of the blog “” (wolfpacey’s blog)

I would like to thank you for liking my poem “Fin” and I wanted to submit a poem that I am especially proud of.

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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