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Daily Archives: October 20, 2014

A Tribute to the Persecuted and Slain – Promote Yourself

You told the Father you would follow His will.
You accepted His Son without hesitancy.
You carried your cross even unto the gates of hell,
but the enemy did not prevail.
Tortured, battered, beheaded
for the sake of His name,
you have stood for righteousness
in a world where evil reigns.
You have demonstrated the cost of discipleship
by laying down your life.
Death was more honorable than saying,
“I forsake Jesus Christ.”
I hear your stories, and I weep for you.
How can humanity be so cruel?
Yet even with such malicious intent,
your sacrifice is beautiful.
It is beautiful to the One who welcomes you home,
to Him who says, “I will avenge!”
It is beautiful to the Son who understands your pain,
to Him who calls you servant, child, and friend.
You have placed your feet on the Solid Rock
when all around you is quicksand.
Your resilience in the midst of adversity
has challenged the Body to stand.
We will remember you
and your commitment to the King.
May we be willing to live like you,
giving up everything.
This world is not our home.
It only reaps anger, hatred, and fear.
Our destination is eternity
where the Lord heals every pain, wipes every tear.
To all of God’s people, stand firm and be ready
for the enemy shows no restraint.
But whatever the cost may be,
let us stand strong with the persecuted and slain.
Lauren Heiligenthal

The Water of My Soul – Promote Yourself


Teardrops, words of silence

Expressing the air of thine heart


Cleansing, emotion-fill’d deluge

Droplets of love’s interpretation


Leaving thou spent at a time well lent;

to the need to declare thy longing


Rain from the eye’s of the poor in spirit

Endue life to the needy and meek


Mine crying eyes are in need of peace

Globules of sorrow, giveth me an escape from the noise


Thou renew my sense of well-being

And maketh me whole and new again


Thanks be to the Creator for the water of mine soul

Its strength is need’d during times of toil

lDara Reidyr 

Proof Positive of an Almighty Sense of Humour

Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh’s people are all of us notwithstanding that some of us
haughtily consider that they … and they only, enjoy a ‘most favoured’ … status.
The rise to notoriety of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State and the Caliphate
via a magnetic attraction for disaffected … misogynists … takes the cake.
Ever more disagreeably disagreeing in this tragic-comic ‘reality’, The Big Three,
Muslims, Christians and Jews … may yet reconsider … albeit … belatedly. 
By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

@chachomanopapa on Twitter

” A Moment in Miracle”:- Promote Yourself

The first
miraculous moment
occurred at
the age of forty-four,
sitting across
a table
shared by you.
Your green eyes
extending the beauty
of contours eclipsed
by the curve of
high cheeks
…or perhaps
freckles pinpointing
the precipice of thin
deliberate lips
…or was it
an entire therapy
of love’s
coveting years
where you sat.
I remember
a marvel
that is you.
I love you.
Nathan Lindsay
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