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Dear pseudonym… – Promote Yourself


Dear pseudonym…

I remember how you comforted and sheltered my real identity,

When I was too afraid to show my real face or give my real name.

I’ve spoken with many people and they claimed to regard me as “friend,”

But kept at arm’s length to no end.




Seemed like a Divine Spirit gifted sure thing,

Lucid light of day vision to boot!

Frightening at first honestly, baffling and really none of my own doing,

actually railed and rebelled against it with all i could muster,

about as effectively as the last stand of Custer.


Inspired words were like arms wide open with none willing to enter into them.

Not even a poke from a pointed spear to see if i really bled like any other human.

No, I’m not in the “witness protection program”

Not a serial killer…

not yet anyway but anything is possible…who is to say?

Cain walked with God did he not?

As did Moses.


Yes, I really am who I say I am!

No, this is not just pretend.

It has just occurred to me,

In the myriad discussions held with those sheltered in anonymity,

What freedom, what sharing can that truly be?

Why are the most “outspoken”

the first to obscure their faces?

Can names truly be changed to protect the “innocent?”



Are we kidding ourselves’?!


Interchangeable personalities,

how many people can exist in one person?

What has become of sincerity and Truth?

Can it be called these things from behind a mask?


Will first person be third

or third first?

Or second last?

Can Virtual reality’s water quench anyone’s thirst?

Without a solid identity to steal,

Why be so afraid of a thief?

Than can only pilfer,

Nothing real.


Anthony Gomez

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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