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Love Hurts – Promote Yourself

 love hurts
Love Hurts
I met a person
Who said to me
My love for you
Will last infinitely
He came and took
My love from me
And now he wants
To set me free
He met another woman
Who was to be
His one and only
Till eternity
I stayed up all night
Wondering and crying
Was it not that
I was trying
Hard enough to do
All of the things he wanted me to
As I try to forget
And hide my pain
It only reminds me
Of how I’ll hurt again
So as you can see
I’m not the same anymore
Because of a man
I truly adored
I’m sharing a poem titled Love Hurts from my “mini-series” of poems I promised in between normal posts that was written during my college years. And based on the expression of words that filled my thoughts, it looks like it was during a time I was broken and going through some type of pain or heartbreak.
Surprisingly, I actually loved the professor’s critique on this one but wasn’t sure at the time what he meant by his question at the end given I wasn’t a poetry writer or so I thought. 🙂 He wrote: “I sense the honesty and passion here. Good end-rhyme. How about some images?” Me: Hmm… One day I’ll get that.

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8 responses

  1. Selfless Love doesnt hurt but again it is very hard to find too.


  2. Gillian, thank you so much for sharing my poem. And I absolutely love the picture! I appreciate you and your blog. You are truly a blessing to many. Thank you!


  3. I agree with your professor. This poem sounds very honest and written from the heart.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Laurie Jackson

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    • Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I appreciate it. And thanks to Gillian for sharing my poem. It means a lot to me. And you are correct. The poem was honest and written from my heart. Thanks again!

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  4. What an amazing blog.!! I loved your top ten lists of romantic love poems and was very happy to see “A Red Red Rose” by Burns on it 🙂 Thanks for the blog follow too.!!!


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