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Serenity – Promote Yourself


My heart squeezes against my rib cage
as the memories flow in.
I find myself gasping for air,
trying to get the blood flowing back to my senses.
The rushing beat of “Two Steps from Hell”
thumping against my eardrums,
hover in search of a cove to lay upon.

Allowing the notes to reek with their lasting tunes
of bittersweet recollections.
Drowning breaths
of wondrous beauty,
of serenity,
of strength,
of the kindred spirit that my eyes gobbled for themselves.

The stars remain a permanent reminder of the time
Ursula Major stood for the North Star.
It did not matter for the air and sea lay silently listening
to the timid heartbeats with no judgement to account for.

Now with notes on transformation splayed before me,
I know equanimity lies in here, forging another shape of tranquility.
A concealed case holds thy silent rebel for all time, with a difference.
as the embracing calmness brings promising laughter of current beings.

Tabita Kristel



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