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Daily Archives: October 25, 2014

Truth – Promote Yourself

It is hard to look in the mirror
when I see an unpainted face
full of imperfections.
I am not beautiful enough.
When I sing, I compare myself to others
who amaze people with their gift,
who are not afraid to share it with the world.
God does not want my praise.
I look at my body and think,
“I will never get to where I want to be,”
pushing myself to be better,
but always feeling like I am not thin enough.
Working hard at school
I still lack confidence despite the results,
thinking I will never be like them,
that I cannot make a difference.
One lie after another finds a corner in my mind
until the light of Christ permeates the darkness.
The Father asks, “Do you not know that I have made you?
That I created you with a purpose?”
My purpose is not about me,
but about Him.
The world says I need to look and sound a certain way,
but God’s kingdom is not of this world.
Jesus came to declare truth to all men,
to be a sacrifice of love and forgiveness.
He did not care about the outside of a person
but the heart.
A Christian concerns herself with God,
not the praises of men.
She stands against heresies
and proclaims the gospel.
When I look in the mirror, what do I see?
When I sing to the Lord, what do I sing?
When I work hard, what is my goal?
When I clothe myself, what do I wear?
Lauren Heiligenthal




We go our separate ways
We make our own choices
We see good and bad days
We get past them

Somehow we beat everything
In our way, at times
Sometimes we lose everything
And, we try disguise

We make mistakes
We don’t take caution
We ignore the stakes
We learn the lesson the hard way

We leave, we come back
We grow, we learn
We’re all on different tracks
In pursuit of different things

But, we all end up
At the same place
The same bloodstained earth
Just drowning in darkness

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The Devil’s Advocate – Promote Yourself


Brother, why do you awake in terror and despair?

As I count my final moments, I overflow with desolation

I sense not a breeze from the Garden of Eden

For me the gates lead to a much darker destination

The path I chose offers no trial, no redemption.

You underestimate His mercy and love for mankind, brother.

Passage through purgatory wouldn’t rescue my soul

A glance at my own reflection, I can bear no more

Death’s cold breath creeps along the back of my neck

Hums a haunting intonation

Sent to collect a soul bound for eternal damnation

A fate befitting for a fool such as I

Who did the devil’s bidding on earth while alive.

About me: I am a business student, freelance writer, blogger and art hobbyist from Pakistan.
Best Regards,
Maria Saif
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Searching… – Promote Yourself



There was nothing i could do but pray so i did.

i prayed first for what to pray for,

when i thought i knew

i then prayed to know how to pray for it and the words to say it.

Then there came a silence and a peace as i searched.

In the search i found prayers,

But they were not mine,

They were not things i would pray about.

i found myself in a great sea,

And my words were lost to my hearing,

My breathing was deep and purposeful.

My heart was steadied and i stood in the center of my every prayer,

walked among them in disbelief of things i’d said as if i ever had a clue?

And the faces of every prayer i’d ever heard by others for as long as i could recall,

Were as whispers telepathic, universal, projected into air

Rising…condensing, forming clouds, moving and raining down elsewhere.

And a great stillness arrested the sea,

Ripples from raindrops reaching out to touch one another.


A wave began to form…

And gain momentum.




There was nothing to do,

But pray.


i began by praying in the dark,


no more.

But being…


Hours passed as if only seconds.

when i was done, i opened my eyes,

and the Sun had arisen once more,

and i saw light.


by Whom i’d been searching for.

And Thank you,

was all i could barely find the strength to utter.

God Bless,

anthony gomez


The Jazz Cat – Promote Yourself



Golden fur sleekly slinks, yeah, through smoke and haze
Green eyes catch the light as she moves
Twistin’ through tunes and rhythm,
Happenin’ to the snare and sax
The Jazz Cat prowls the session.

Silky tail twitches time, yeah, keeping beats and bars
Ruffled ears flick in the twilight club tunes
Slidin’ through jams and melodies
Groovin’ to the bass and brass
The Jazz Cat prowls the session.

Padding claws tap tunes, yeah, playing notes and staves
Gleaming fangs glint in the stage lights
Purrin’ through sets and chords
Movin’ to the strings and sounds
The Jazz Cat prowls the session.


Thank you!

Jason Andreas

My name is Jason and I’m a 33 year old Scot who is currently trying to enhance and develop his writing, along with studying an English Literature degree with a creative writing element to it. I’ve always liked writing, but never had the time or the discipline to do it properly – however I’m trying to make myself write something every single day on my blog, whether it’s poetry, short fiction or just random snippets. It’s hard going at times, and there’s not a lot of evidence anyone’s even looking at it, but it’s a good way to make myself keep writing and keep thinking about writing. My blog is if anyone feels like having a look. Any feedback or criticism is always welcome!

Dark Side – Promote Yourself


She has a great heart
And, a wonderful spirit
But she is afraid
Of the demons inside;
Of her dark side

She is different
Unpredictable and broken
Too angry, and too scared
To face the pain deep down
In despair, she chooses to drown

Every so often, all the pain would surface
Leaving her broken and vulnerable
It is too much; she can’t ignore it
She is fighting a losing battle
A score that can never settle

Grace Linton

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