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The Devil’s Advocate – Promote Yourself


Brother, why do you awake in terror and despair?

As I count my final moments, I overflow with desolation

I sense not a breeze from the Garden of Eden

For me the gates lead to a much darker destination

The path I chose offers no trial, no redemption.

You underestimate His mercy and love for mankind, brother.

Passage through purgatory wouldn’t rescue my soul

A glance at my own reflection, I can bear no more

Death’s cold breath creeps along the back of my neck

Hums a haunting intonation

Sent to collect a soul bound for eternal damnation

A fate befitting for a fool such as I

Who did the devil’s bidding on earth while alive.

About me: I am a business student, freelance writer, blogger and art hobbyist from Pakistan.
Best Regards,
Maria Saif
I have been following “poetreecreations” on WordPress, and I love to read all the different submissions. It will be a delight for me if you chose to publish my work on your site as well.

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