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Daily Archives: October 26, 2014

Staying the course – Promote Yourself

on course

Staying the course

Journey from liability

To valued resource

Broken down to the bare essentials

Conforming to no man’s image

Not Compromising to worldly norms

Remade, renewed, new creature in You

Only now becoming aware through You

of a greater potential


Covered in ash,

Wallowing in mud


Given freely more than could ever have been earned


Or asked…

Man on fire

Servant on a mission when assigned a task

Regardless of first, least, beast or last

Did HE not choose the twelve

And yet one was a devil?

It’s in the details…

Book of Job takes that understanding to another level

But who wants to hear that?

Advice from friends?

Based on presumptions?

Reserved for the day of wrath

And fiery consumptions

One can only pray

Oh, there have been times when I’ve been discouraged

Or disheartened when the words won’t flow

When there is nothing to give

And those who would have me think

There is nowhere left to go

But I am continually encouraged

By an audience of One

I’ve been waiting for Him to say:

“I know You can do better”

Instead He draws me close

And enfolds me in His Love Letters

And inspires

Without fail

[ ISLAND OF THE LOST ]. – Promote Yourself

                             Land before time so far away, no one goes there, no one stays.                              People who goes there, can not stay, so many dangers to those who stray.                So many things for you to see, go a head so carefully.                                                    ~                                                                  Stories of untold legends to find, open a door to see what’s behind.                            Strange and wondrous things you will learn, mystics and fables with every turn,  many roads you may go, which stories do you  know.                                              Truth or false legends can be, remember that’s its a mystery.                                        [ Patricia bourne wordpress 2014].                Twitter patricia bourne mumpower 2012

My cell phone – Promote Yourself


Having dropped my old cell phone into a steaming cup of coffee, I bought a smart
phone, but regrettably … I’m ever more stupid … and ever less … smart.
A sad development, this added stupidity and diminished lucidity; my contraption
predictably failed to prompt me to make better choices; better decisions.
But no such luck; I still make all the same old time-dishonored mistakes; falling
in love at the drop of a hat … my time-honored old loves … remembering.
Verily, youth is seemingly wasted on the very young; wisdom on the very aged;
for were there a better balance between the two, humanity, would be … aided. 
By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

Turning,churning – Promote Yourself

 The sun comes up each morning
He gently turns the sphere
And watches little nestling’s stir
He misses nothing here
And blows upon the dewy grass
And paints with shades of light
While on the other side He brings
The soothing calm of night.
But much of night is trembling
The plagues and rampant war
The hunger, children wandering
As often-time before.
And we see scenes horrendous
Across a stunned front page
And wonder briefly, if at all
Our small part to assuage.
God acts to gain His purpose
But in the world of men
He looks for mercy’s partnership
Ere dawn restores again.


Your Safe Haven – Promote Yourself

A numbness subdues

Oddly overpowering

In a realm so connected

We find ourselves to have drifted

Blindly convulsing in the abyss

with hopes of latching on in attempts to remain at bay 

Solitude is a sweet escape

But to pass off loneliness as that, it is overbearing

The fear that lingers

till this notion of being subsides

 we wish to embrace the state of isolation

…a frightening conception

If it is not a choice, but instead an eviction

sometime all it takes to find yourself at peace

Is to dwell in the warmth of nature, where life is at ease

For if you listen closely, the soul of the universe echoes in your heart

In the mind is a safe haven, an inexplicably profound work of art
-Maria Saif
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