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Daily Archives: October 28, 2014

October – Promote Yourself

How thou hast deceiveth me with sunbeam
Smiles and a golden moment of youth
When thou shalt in turn strip bare of this dream
This whimsical facade masking a truth
So grey in grace as in crippling tears
Of thunder queens by kings’ charcoal clouds choked
Thy blustering temper invokes a fear 
Whence darker days soon will smother with smoked
Quilts frenzied urbanscapes of trembling souls
None sweeter than mulch does your name to my
Taste buds delight, whilst pond’ring upon foul
Omens summoned to cast the world awry
O when will spring bound rejuvenation 
Reap its distant blessing of salvation
By Gianina Dwek
Age 17, England, UK
I am a student in my last year of school and I passed my driving test this morning! In my spare time, I love baking, writing and listening to pop punk. This is the first time I have ever written a sonnet, and I was worried about sharing it… but thought I should before November comes along! 
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A Man or a Rat – Promote Yourself

An aspiring, talented man, set out to make his dreams come true.

Ambitious as can be, and loyal to his pursuits,

An empire which he cultivated, infront of his eyes it grew.

His dreams of reaching the top would inevitably come true.

Caught up in winning the race, his vision tunneled tight.

Left behind his friends and family, with them he had nothing to do.

He came across a grouchy old man; rich but lonely was he.

Not a friend by his side, a burden to walk alone, how miserable he must be.

He caught a glimpse of his future, wondered how sad it would be.

The thought of living such a life, that of a fool he pondered it to be.

Blindly en route an empty path, a vague and futile journey.

Caught up in a rat race, whose victor hath no glory.

Awakened as if by a friendly ghost, just before his demise

Fortunate was he to have deterred off the wretched path just in time.

Baffled by the time he had wasted; thankful for all that still remained

If it had been too late it would only be ruins left along his trail

How great would the world be if everyone would realize

The winner of a rat race leaves his dignity behind.
-Maria Saif

It’s who you know – Promote Yourself


Sitting there,
smiling with hatred,
listening to their
of how easy
it truly is.

They find it easy,
their girlfriends find it easy,
their friends find it easy,
their shits find it easy,
and I will too,
they tell me.

Sitting there,
telling my lies of life
to keep the mask cool,
whilst laughing at their stories
of untold horizons I haven’t seen,
new cities I haven’t been
and of people
who also know
the secret.

Sitting there,
drinking my drink
faster than I want to,
and eating
my shame of
the easy life.

Anthony Keers

My name is Anthony Keers and I live in the City of Manchester, England. Writing short stories has been a hobby of mine since an early age, but attempting to write poetry is fairly new. The majority of my work can be seen on my blog: If you like what you see, then keep checking it out as more is added weekly. Also, big thanks to Poetree Creations for publishing some great work!

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