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October – Promote Yourself

How thou hast deceiveth me with sunbeam
Smiles and a golden moment of youth
When thou shalt in turn strip bare of this dream
This whimsical facade masking a truth
So grey in grace as in crippling tears
Of thunder queens by kings’ charcoal clouds choked
Thy blustering temper invokes a fear 
Whence darker days soon will smother with smoked
Quilts frenzied urbanscapes of trembling souls
None sweeter than mulch does your name to my
Taste buds delight, whilst pond’ring upon foul
Omens summoned to cast the world awry
O when will spring bound rejuvenation 
Reap its distant blessing of salvation
By Gianina Dwek
Age 17, England, UK
I am a student in my last year of school and I passed my driving test this morning! In my spare time, I love baking, writing and listening to pop punk. This is the first time I have ever written a sonnet, and I was worried about sharing it… but thought I should before November comes along! 
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  1. Sulonla /Bard of the Pepper Coast

    I have annulled with poetry, so in action but I will now try again. I want to put my inked papyrus on the web.


  2. Beautifully written! Don’t be afraid to share more 🙂


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