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Daily Archives: October 30, 2014

“The Knock-Knock” – Promote Yourself


There was a knock, a thud,
and then
a quiet whisper at my door.

My creeping eyes
follow straight through it.
I got up, I went to walk
towards it, reaching
for the handle, ready to
turn it, open the door.
But then something

stopped me.

And I quickly
backed away
from the doorframe.

Voices mixed with grumbling
strangled and strange sounds
of desparate howling
all fly into my ears, I see
my hands begin to shake, feel
my head begin to ache
and all of the swollen
entryways around me.

upon a curtained window
closed off to block
the cold from outside
I hear it, this screaming
beyond human, beyond reference
as it begins tearing into
my residence.
All alone I waited for it,
about to tighten fists
with tightened lips,
but something once again

stopped me.

A blackened misty figure
walking over to me, I
quiver and shake
in my heart, boots.
I go to strike out
but I am too late
as something else

stopped me.

The mist spoke truth
though I couldn’t hear it in the air
discussing through telepathy
the reasons it was really here.
To take me down, to eagerly
swallow my soul?
To slice my damaged body
into a more
damaged hull?
Leaving me to
rot here alone?

I go to ask, ever
so politely,
but something stops me.

Then I realize, this thing
towering above me, claws at
the ready, it says
it’s me. It’s me.
Death is coming.
But something

stopped me.

A shadowy hand
in league with what
I’ll never see, a
frightened boy now
frightfully free.
This Death, this creature?
They are both me.

by Cory Thrall

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