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“Old Bones” – Promote Yourself


I drag about resounding, clanging

Time has worn me down, as I creep about the cemetery

I see the dead in all their dullness

Dry, barren, arid from decay


Eye sockets like sunken craters

Darkness fills my orbits and cavities

I smile, the smile of death and silence

What was once alive is now retired


On a bed of worms and soil I lay

Nothing to feel, nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to taste

Oblivion calls me forth but here I lay

Old bones unable to act upon the signal


The graveyard beckons me stay a while longer

The gravedigger watches over me with diligence

The mist upon the graves glimmers at dusk

As we hibernate awaiting the call of the night


And upon the midnight I will arise

To drag and clang about the graveyard site

Stirring others to my call

My old bones creaking and groaning all the while

Dara Reidyr



About poetreecreations

I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

2 responses

  1. Ohhhh! Very atmospheric and spooky.


  2. I loved this. It reminded me of how I always love wandering through old cemeteries–the most peaceful and reflective places in the world.


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