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Storm – Promote Yourself

rainy day
I delight in the sound of rain
and its staccato touch on my feet as the drops fall
They fall independently,
yet as a whole they create a shower of blessing and peace;
but only as one.
We can also touch other lives as individuals and make a significant difference,
but only when we work as one can there be an outpouring of blessing,
of victory.
The stillness is calming,
the occasional clap of thunder inviting
as it reminds us warriors of the ongoing battles we fight.
Lightning is the most miraculous of all
for even when all is dark and stormy,
light pierces the darkness.
Lightning takes the darkness by surprise,
and all is exposed.
Thunder follows,
alerting the warriors that the battle against evil
is one step closer to victory.
Exposing evil brings freedom.
Lauren Heiligenthal

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