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Daily Archives: November 3, 2014

The World in Me – Promote Yourself

Striving to follow God,
I’m being held back by my own mind.
I thought I purged the world from within,
but there’s still residue.
I never realized how powerful culture can be
until I started to fight it.
How ingrained are my ways of thinking.
How set are the priorities of the world.
I focus on what’s temporary instead of the eternal.
I place what I need to accomplish above others.
Instead of following the wisdom of the world,
I ought to be a fool for Christ:
Ministry is greater than monetary gain.
Selflessness demonstrates true love.
Forgiveness is more powerful than bitterness.
Trusting what is unseen results in the miraculous.
The world does not understand these things,
but the Spirit does.
It’s time to stop living with this dichotomy
and vanquish the world in me. 
Lauren Heiligenthal
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