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Daily Archives: November 6, 2014


This is a story from a long time ago,
Concerning four Hebrew Princes, Daniel, Shadrack, Meshack and Abed-nego,
They were asked to renounce Jehovah, the God of Israel,
The one in whom they trusted, the one who had served them well.
When Judah had been ruled by Jehoiakim for just three years,
It was besieged by Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon,
The vessels of the House of God were transported to Shinar,
With this defeat all the treasures of the temple had also gone.
King Nebuchadnezzar gave orders to the Master of the Eunuchs
That certain of the children of Israel and the Royal Princes should be brought to live
in the palace,
They must have no blemish, be skillful in wisdom and cunning in knowledge,
Skilled in science, and able to learn the language of the Babylonian race.
The chosen ones were allocated a daily portion of meat and wine,
For a period of three years they were to receive this allocation,
At the end of that time the King said he would inspect them all
To see if they came up to his expectation.
The four Princes of Judah were included in the chosen few,
They declined to eat the allocated portions of meat and wine,
They said to consume these was against their religion,
And that a diet of pulse and water would suit them fine.
Melzar, the Master of the Eunuchs was afraid of the King,
He knew that if the King was dissatisfied he would lose his head,
But, he agreed that, for a trial period of ten days,
That the Princes could live on the diet they had requested
At the end of the ten-day trial they looked remarkably fit,
Far better than the rest of the young men brought from Israel,
So Melzar the Master of the Eunuchs reluctantly agreed,
They could stay on a diet of pulse and water if they continued to look well.
When they were called by the King for his inspection,
In all matters of wisdom and understanding they were better than the rest,
Including all the magicians, astrologers and wise men,
Without a shadow of doubt they were the very best
.by Ron Martin

Live Like Christ – Promote Yourself

My mind keeps wandering,
reminiscing about the past.
I get drawn in too deep
with no way to escape.
I remember all my mistakes
and when I was more courageous.
I let myself become someone I wasn’t,
and I discarded too much of who I was.
I used to sing proud
and comfort a friend in need.
I fought for Your truth,
but now I’m caught between truth and theology.
Help me dig through my sin and fear
and find who I’m supposed to be.
I want to live,
live like Christ.
Lauren Heiligenthal

“This Corpse Pose” – Promote Yourself


A fraction of me is
still owned by you.
Each day seems
to trudge along,
sprinkled with ghosts
of your smile,
the provocative  tenor
of your voice, and
fantasies seized
within the starlit shine
of green eyes.
The twisting surveillance
of this history
isn’t so much a wisp
of threaded air
as a pained,
voiceless plea
for something which
defied a name.
An existence shared
that marks each day…
a catastrophe
of endings
with casualties.
A portion of
who I am
will never return.
A loose and
fragile gem.
Your curves tease…
these nightmares
as I battle
for sleep…

The White Buffalo Comes for All Men – Promote Yourself


Can you hear the white buffalo

Can you hear his roar

Everything converging

All at once, Forevermore

The time is near

For the land

That was meant to be shared

To be redistributed to all

To tend and care

For mother nature

She from whom we came

To whom we will return

Carefully held in her adoring arms

And she in ours

My name is Matthew Schoolman. I live in Kentucky, USA.
I am a biology major who works in a mail room. I enjoy reading and writing about existence.

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