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Daily Archives: November 7, 2014

“Walk On” – Promote Yourself


TRANSITIONS – Promote Yourself

sometimes-you-are-the-back-up-plan – Promote Yourself


Available, all encompassing, unconditional and always within reach

Limitless in the tools at your disposal utilized to teach

Out on the back paddock bird songs in the background,

ambient sound fades into a whisper as meditations on God’s Love prevail.

Thinking of things I’ve read…taken in…written and shared.

Have I been responsible in the stewardship of these things?

Should I repent? retrieve? Delete? Let stand?

Can I live with what I’ve released to be seen?

Mindful that Jesus lives in me.

Though created in God’s image, I am not Jesus.

I fall short, resort, retort, I fail, I err, I stumble.

By grace I’ve gotten back up time and again…a bit slower now in an age appropriate way.

Sometimes, those times, when I’ve fallen I’ve come face to face with things I mistakenly believed I towered over.

Laid low, a perspective from which I believe now that I can see more.

There really is no hurry to be so quick to rise any-more.

Up? Down? In-between? It’s all Yours.

Whether sitting, squatting, standing, walking up-right, hunched over in pain or on all fours.

As I ponder these thoughts and wonder whether or not they should be shared, knowing this is how I speak to you O’Lord after prayer.

I can’t lie to you, I don’t always like what I’m thinking.

Can this be of any benefit to anyone, should it be kept private in secluded, secret places?

Will anyone care?

For a moment I relax my writing hand down by my side.

A warm furry beagle with a cold wet nose has been waiting patiently.

(nudges my hand)

Seems like she’s saying to me:

“What took you so long day dreamer?

You been staring at the sky looking at the tree tops

Didn’t ya’ see me?”

This is unconditional and True in your many teaching tools

Don’t I just feel silly now?

Sometimes we become so “fraught with profundity”-(Thena Cullen Smith)

We overlook the simplest  things and greatest Blessings.


Anthony Gomez

“Without Photographs” – Promote Yourself

There were never pictures of “us”.
I’ve known couples in love.
I’ve read about them
…envied them without mercy.
Portraits of tenderness
trapped in observed time.
After the last kiss is dismissed
The frames are all that remain,
as if struggling for breath…
A mark that some face of love
existed, yet there is no character
of us…only a fiction…
existing somewhere between
the aurora of limitless sight…
and the gentle dusk
of a beaten heart.


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