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Daily Archives: November 9, 2014

[ A SILENT CRY ]. – Promote Yourself


Must’ve Misplaced That Mustard Seed? – Promote Yourself

  • Sinai                                                                       

    I keep a vigil by my window for it

    Perhaps it’s stuck in traffic
    Eventually I know that I must face it
    Wouldn’t it go much easier on my own terms?
    I could just go there, though I’d rather not
    But I’ve still a bit of patience left in me albeit the stubborn kind
    Still thinking I might have my own way
    Maybe I should meet it on the outskirts of town
    where the wide open expanse begins
    seems more practical I suppose?
    Yeah, that actually makes more sense
    (how has it happened that things have begun to make any kind of sense?)
    There it is in the distance
    Hasn’t budged a bit
    And they all tell me I’m stubborn!
    Guess I better start hiking
    That mountain’s not comin’ to me anytime soon
    Never heard of a mountain that speaks
    I am terrified…
    But compelled to it nonetheless
    What could possibly go wrong?
    In and out…
    over and done with
    put it behind me once and for all
    Well don’t just stand there dumb-founded
    ya’ comin’,
    or not?!
    How bad can it be?

    anthony gomez

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