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Daily Archives: November 12, 2014

The Voices in my Head: – Promote Yourself


Our stones and our stories Rememberance -Promote Yourself

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Laid down
        for you
to you
through you
No longer crucifying
Not for to day
Not for this hour
this minute
this second
Not for this instant.
Laid down
At the foot of your cross
The gibbet
the torture
And death.
Laid down
And for this instant
Relief and release
Our stones and our stories
left behind
laid down
As your life was
For us
And we can’t rub it out
It is there all the time
in our stones
and our stories
We know what we’ve done
We know how it went
stones are removed
To show he’s not dead
Stories are told
To show us new life
We can build
And rebuild
The foundations are there
And given to God
To grace with his presence
To grant of his peace
The stones
And the stories
Become His

Cheryl Bhagwandin

“Granite Nightmare”: – Promote Yourself

Granite memories spill
across vast valley’s
within the cracks of
my nightmares…
recalling the edge
of an afternoon
where we were stuck
in love…
a movie wept emotion
across your hardwood floors,
simmering at the foot
of your lines.
A solitude of comforts
between us…
the silky curves
of your body
illuminating the corner
of perception’s fancy…
constellations opened wide
for only you…
that song seemed stamped
with your name…
Nathan Lindsay

Live Like Christ – Promote Yourself

My mind keeps wandering,
reminiscing about the past.
I get drawn in too deep
with no way to escape.
I remember all my mistakes
and when I was more courageous.
I let myself become someone I wasn’t,
and I discarded too much of who I was.
I used to sing proud
and comfort a friend in need.
I fought for Your truth,
but now I’m caught between truth and theology.
Help me dig through my sin and fear
and find who I’m supposed to be.
I want to live,
live like Christ.
Lauren Heiligenthal
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