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Fish Food I&II-promote yourself


One day a man went to the seashore,
a measuring rod and a notepad in hand

Walked into the surf
took a measure from his knees to the sand
noted it on his pad

A week later the man returned
and measured from his waist to the sand
duly noted
on his pad

Another week later the man returned
took a measure from his neck
to the sand
noted on his pad

It was quite some time
before anyone noticed
the man no longer took measures
and was not seen nor heard from again

Washed ashore was found
a ruler
and a soggy note pad
that read:

“my calculations must have been off
and now i fear
i’ve gotten in…
way over my head”


Should’ve at least learned

How to first tread water

Before attempting to swim.


Fish Food II

shark and diver 

Lord teach us to be
kinder and gentler
Lord help us to see
beyond self unselfishly
Lord teach us to stand
and be able to lift someone by the hand
Lord we love what you’re doing in us
You’ve taught us
that nothing worth having comes pain-free
Lord it helps to appreciate You more
growing through Blessed trials
Divine Grace and Mercy
Lord we love how you give so freely
but know exactly how
to leave us a little thirsty
We love you Lord
teach us how
to love you more
though it’s very clear to see
try as hard as we might
You’ll always love us more
We give thanks and Praise to You O’ Lord
Your name above all names
We are grateful Lord
this road we’re on
started long ago
but everyday
it feels fresh and new
like it’s only just begun

One step…



hold your ground
“be still…”
wait for the sound

next step
might put us over our heads
but you’ve taught us how
to tread water
and never drown

anthony gomez

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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