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A candles flame, – Promote Yourself




A candles flame,

Dances in dark,

Casting shadows upon a wall,

That seem to tell a story,

From end to start.


I lit this candle for you

And whispered a prayer.

By the candle’s glow,

Prayed for your soul.

Just like you’d want me to,

Just as…

For others’

I’d seen you do.


But I’m not you

And I must now reject,

Most of the things,

You taught me to do,

When your thinking,

had gone askew.


I’ll keep the best from you

And leave the rest to die,

Along with you.


I couldn’t bear to look at you,

Laid out,

With the painful smile,

They imposed on you.

I didn’t cry,

You wouldn’t want me to.


You weren’t there,

Just a shell,

But your spirit,

hovered over my head.


I thought it strange,

That then and there,

I showed no emotion.

One dead fish,

Floating upon a vast sea,

Still a part,

Of a mysterious,

Deep ocean.


I choose to remember the best,

Like how you taught me,

To tie a tie,

Or tie my shoes.

How we walked,

Hand in hand…

Or the first time I heard you weep.


On an island all alone,

trapped in a castle’s keep,

Your fear became my own,

By proximity,




What inheritance?

What dna?

What genetic signature?


To display?


Your pseudo strength,

and machismo,

behind a mask of fears.

I absorbed them well,

but there was something more,

something you knew deep inside,

but you rarely showed

and I barely saw.


You always said,

Something changed,

The day I was born.

Held me to a higher standard,

Set your hopes on me.

Placed me on a pedestal,

Of which I’d not felt worthy.


The burden was too great for me,

content to be happily,


tried my best,

to stay out of sight,

below the radar,

of God’s shimmering Light.

The damned,

only come out at night.


As a child
you became blind in both eyes,

And a miracle surgery,

Before it’s time…

Restored your sight.


Raised in an orphanage when your father died,

In a hurricane threw his body over your’s to shield you,

And lost his own life, to save you.

You grew bitter and resentful,

Jekly and Hyde,

I saw both sides,

We all did.


Sometimes the Jekyl,

seemed well worth the Hyde.

You were extremely hard on me,

On all of us,

Sometimes seemed,



But I learned in time,

Where true Mercy rests’,

Learned through trials,

Learned through tests,

That God always knows best.

And things are never as they seem,

In the reality,

Of the Living Realm unseen.


It was,

What it was,

I’m freed to Love,

By Love,

Freed to forgive.


Solely because,

Of what Jesus did on the Cross.


Healing the rift,

Bemoan the past?

Or freely accept,

A most freely given,

Precious Gift!


I choose Jesus,

I choose Life.



In the end,

You embraced the Lord,

Took some time for me

to be of the same accord,

Christ embracing you,

In Our Father’s arms,

My Father,

Is now my brother,

In Christ.


The candle flickers,

Blinks out,

A fragrant,

wisp of smoke gently rises.



Rest in Peace Father/brother


 anthony gomez

God Bless.

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