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And the Bad Poets – Promote Yourself


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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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  1. Hey guys, thanks for reading. here’s my wordpress,


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  3. It’s honest, that in itself is refreshing!

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  4. Beautiful tragedy. Loving the unloved stench of B..or shall I say _Aked..for half Baked poetry.
    Love this post.

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  5. Relinquished Reversal

    Hahaha, fabulous! I am sure I will offend many… but let’s add rhyming to the list 😉 I see it as the easy way out. Our voices deserve better.

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    • R.R., I once felt the same way…but I wouldn’t say “offend” but rather hurt…”many”
      I am anxiously awaiting to hear your version of “better”
      Better than what?
      Perhaps properly pronunciating past participles propagating perpetuating tired old philosophies pandering proper prose meandering but packing no punch peering but never penetrating…?
      Fever pitched crescendos piercing ears punctuating a flacid finale…
      But touching no one…
      Speaking to no one…
      prostituting proper prose preening prancing painting phallic symbols but never hittin’ the slang
      Leaves one with “h” for horrific hiatal heartburn hallucinations
      visualize a hairless hibernating hyena with hemorrhoids laughing it’s bald bloody ass off in a cave somewhere…
      OOPS…forgot to rhyme:)

      “P” is for pretentious.


      • “P” certainly is for pretentious…

        I’m going to agree with R.R. here.

        One definition of poetry is “the best possible words in the best possible order to convey a thought or feeling.” Rhyme, and rambling alliteration for that matter, tend to prevent a poet from finding and using the best possible words to convey a thought or feeling, due to the restrictions of the device.

        a.g., your feelings seem to have been hurt, but there is no need to become so defensive. Becoming lost in literary devices tends to reduce the meaning of any written work very quickly. R.R. made a valid point.

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        • I wasn’t hurt, I was a moderator on another site and assistant admin. and the last thing I wanted to do was discourage any new writer or intimidate them. we should be supportive of each other there is room for all “devices”. Encouragement is needed, some rhymers develop into mighty fine free versers in time.
          But I see your point and I would bite my tongue hard before offering a single word of discouragement to a fledgling writer/poet.
          Edgar Allen Poe is a fine example of a rhymer, he probably could not get a single thing published current day.


          • There exists no issues for me with Zachary’s piece i took exception only to your comment. Which was excluding, divisive, asinine, judgmental, Let’s high five and fist pump in agreement! Don’t think so. Down with those damned unimaginative rhymers taking the easy way out. Do you only see the style and not the content, some have paid heavy dues to at last be able to open their mouths and share their experiences. Are you saying their voices don’t matter if they do not conform to a particular form or style…hmmm?


            • I would never chastise a fellow poet
              for expressing themselves in rhyme
              if that is what was chosen
              who am I to re-define?
              do I hold the thermostat
              that sets the clime?
              “one definition of poetry”
              is yours to embrace as you will
              some may like “green eggs and ham”
              some may not…
              “would not…
              could not…
              Sam I am”
              We look at the same inkblots life gives us
              and yet see different things
              though the pictures do not differ
              my eyes and your eyes are uniquely
              wonderfully, fearfully, created
              Is your resolve to dictate how others should express their voice?
              Have you found yours?
              Look at a cloud
              I see an anvil
              you see a mallet

              Though we may differ…
              Together we can forge metal into something useful
              painting our own distinct pictures
              upon the same “given” pallette


      • Relinquished Reversal

        A.G., posts like yours diminishes the value of poetry and the discussions that could be formed around it. If you had a valid point in your post, I would have happily discussed my position on the topic with you, however you didn’t. I offered my opinion to the discussion of poetry. You offered childish dribble. I am guessing when you return to this post and re-read your comment you will be the one embarrassed, not me. If you want anyone to take your stance seriously, you need to be coherent and levelheaded. No one listens to an angry person who attacks with gibberish. Your voice deserves better.


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