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THE RETAIL FESTIVAL – Promote Yourself


Here comes the Retail Festival
Couched in glossy Christmas cheer
Spend spend spend the shops implore
Their merchandising moves up a gear

Must we overspend at Christmas
On presents that leave us skint
Many people are left in debt
So that shops can make a mint

Christmas time itself I fear
Has lost it’s friendly glow
People vying to see who can
Have the priciest presents on show

A small present to family members
There is no harm in this
But keeping up with the Joneses
Is some folks idea of bliss

Hundreds of pounds they are spent
On presents for all you know
Kids clamouring for the latest
Toy or game that is on show

Hotels and restaurants filled to the brim
Yet their prices are over the top
When shall all this madness end
And prices shall start to drop

Family Christmas’s used to be
A time to visit and chat
Yet to sit around the table
Nowadays is classed old hat

The festivities now I fear
Has nothing to do with Dec 25th
It’s all to do with materialism
Spending money on expensive gifts

In case you think I’m a scrooge
Take time to stop and think
What’s the purpose of all this spending
Other than bringing you to debt’s brink

It’s time for a revolution
A time to say enough’s enough
Resist the all empowering persuasion
Put the retailers in a huff

Celebrate Christmas? Of course we should
Yet let us break the trend
Rather than buy a material gift
Present yourself just as a friend

©Bob Smith 13/11/2009

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  1. I agree with all this, though there is no evidence to show that Dec 25 has anything to do with itself.


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