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Daily Archives: November 30, 2014

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St Andrew’s Day Poem -Promoting yourself


Loch Lomond

Joscelyn (8 years old) came home with an assignment to write a poem about Scotland because it was near St Andrew’s day. The instructions on what was required were a bit confusing. She has a piece of paper with SCOTLAND written vertically down the edge so each line began with a letter. She had to write something Scottish on each line with a describing word. It is difficult to do it “properly” but fun if you relax the rules. Here is what dad came up with while cooking tea. We are debating whether to send it to school as Joscelyn’s work.

Serious surfs
Crazy Ceilidhs
Overly audacious
Tartan Traversed
Lochs and Lavies
Atlantic Antlers reach
Nearly to the North Sea
Dundee; Cake of Kings

Surely a poem almost as worthy as those by the great William Topaz McGonagall.

The Danube Park in Vienna; – Promote Yourself

Sweetly, sweetly swirling,
a mass of fluffy seeds,
are drifting through the park
at the whim of windy leads.
Big, thick, black, white tree trunks
seem to walk around
like the legs of zebras
ambling on the ground.
Fountains in the laid out pools
look all so inviting;
I want to dip my feet in them
and swim, it’s quite exciting!
Tulips stand out from the crowd,
they nod to passers by
as smaller flowers blush
rosy red at bare blue sky.
A green stretches youthfully
aside from the path,
waiting for the picnicers,
shining summer’s mirth.
A weeping girl is out of place
on this buzzing day
yet the sadness of the world
is causing her to pray.
The danube tower rises up
at first to our dislike,
but later as a stretched-up ship
floating on a spike,
surveying all that’s down below… 
the park, a bridge, a church.
We board ship and enjoy the view,
for landmarks make our search.
A funny purple train
is off on its tour,
showing off this merry land
we haven’t seen before.
The angels guard us overhead
i trust in their protection,
strolling through this wonderland
a heaven-ward direction.

by Emily Nash

A childs eyes – Promote Yourself


Bump – Promote Yourself


The shock when I saw two pink lines,
The tears of confusion, what to do now,
Am I happy or sad, am I ready for this?
Our lives will change, suddenly a future with kids,
There’s no choice the bond is already strong,
Now praying that nothing goes wrong,
Now it’s all exciting, is it a girl or boy?
I cannot wait to meet our little bundle of joy.

Abbe Cutforth

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