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“A Bitter Name”: – Promote Yourself

maze 2

A maze of roses

propels a path

toward the empty center

of hope filled dreams.

Undercurrents of paisley

chilled by the florescent,

moonlit bubble of

what’s missing or

the death of us.

Precariously perched upon

some illusion of reality

where your name

heralded a divine scent

of chorale perfumes .

There was a foundation

built between us,

poisoned by voices

echoing abominations

that rose magnificently

from your past.

The success of failures

reckoned with

the elapse of time.

Bizarre to recover…

only to find immaculate

green eyes reverberating

passions left abandoned

…to realize…

with gentle awareness

that the veracious warmth

of my son’s authentic embrace

could bestow

such fantastic truths…

and curative vibrancy

that flushes away

the acrid tannin

…of your sour crimes.

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