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Daily Archives: December 6, 2014


Let it snow

Let the snow dance upon my face

Let the snow lay on the ground like lace

Let it snow,

Let me feel the ice beneath my toes

Let the snow dance upon my nose

Let it snow,

Let me know

When the children can take out their sleighs

When snow drifts are here to stay

Let it snow,

Let the rain go

I want icicles to appear

I want the snow to be here

Let it snow,

I need to know

The ground is white

Glistening and bright

Let it snow,

Let the earth light up tonight

with snow so bright

Let it snow,

I want to see snowflakes

From my window

Let it snow

Gillian Sims

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These Hopeful Times – Promote Yourself

This time we live in is the so-called end time, some say. That notwithstanding,
it’s not the end yet; so long as there’s hope, there’s time; both are a-wasting.
Hope springs eternal … Pope wrote in his “An Essay on Man”; but following
the ellipses … is to be found … a greater … meaning.
For following the ellipses, Pope went on to write, “Man never is, but always to be
blessed ….” Call it what you will then, whether it be
wishful thinking, or a positive attitude, it is what it is and will ever be
and that is … hope ever springing … if not eternal … but temporally. 
By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

@chachomanopapa on Twitter

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Christmas Eve
Night-time shift
Number Eight Loop
Crystal drift
Bus a-humming
Toasty warm
Pulling over
Waving arm
She a mother
Stroller too
Baby bundle
All in blue
Tears were present
Face was flushed
Folding door would
Groan when pushed.
Can you help me
But no cash
Had to make
A fearful dash.
Boyfriend livid
High on dope
Jobless Christmas
Little hope.
“Come in Sweetheart
Shut the door”
All of this
He’d seen before.
Blanket tucked in
Precious kiss
Harvey whistling
“What child is this?”
Let her rest here
Newfound friend
Women’s shelter
At the end.
 by justhappeneduponthis
Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Christmas desire

  • Christmas tree12345

    December brings us,
    Christmas time
    This time of year,
    Is so divine
    We come together,
    For family games
    We stuff ourselves,
    With candy canes
    Under the tree,
    It’s presents galore
    The city turns white,
    Let the snow pour
    The streets and houses,
    Covered in lights
    Everywhere you look,
    There’s sweet delights
    We always feel stuffed,
    Too much food
    The Christmas spirits,
    Put us in a great mood
    Our stockings hung,
    Over the glowing fire
    Did Santa bring you,
    Your desire. 

  • Abbe Cutforth 

The Seasons


The seasons come the seasons go

The summer green changes to the Autumn glow

The trees shed their leaves,the flowers fade and die

The grey clouds gather in the sky

The daylight hours shorten day by day

A sign that winter is on it’s way

The birds no longer can be seen

They’ve gone away to pastures green

The mists and fogs come in November

Ice and snow often greet December

The country is held in icy grip

As we walk about we slide and slip

The snow soon melt and disappear

Then the first snowdrops appear

The spring sunshine and April rain

Brings the flowers and trees to life again

The birds return to build there nest

And we see nature at it’s best

The summer day’s are here at last

But very quickly they will go past

A carpet of leaves are at our feet

The cycles of seasons are now complete

Ron Martin

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