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Daily Archives: December 8, 2014

Hurting – Promote Yourself

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Peace – Promote Yourself

Whispering down the dark alleys of my heart,
the voice of my flesh cries out to me,
“Set me free. This is your true desire.”
The words gnaw at me,
reaching the corners of my mind,
permeating my spirit.
Instead, I reach out for a light
and one is provided.
Carrying this torch I see the truth.
My way to freedom was always at hand,
right in front of me,
waiting for me to enter
Lauren Heiligenthal

The Human Factor – Promote Yourself

It’s not good to judge,
But judgments have to be made.
Some will hold a grudge,
Sometimes it never fades.

Some will hate your success,
But celebrate your destruction.
They strive to be the best,
But hate instruction.

It is that human factor,
We are not perfect.
A sinner or a pastor,
We can be incorrect.

I love everyone,
But I hate the devil in them.
Still I will help anyone,
Whether enemy or friend.

Copyright (c) Kerione Bryan 2014

Be led -Actuality – Promoting yourself





When Jesus walked this earth

He had one message in mind

To teach the world to love one another

And to each other be thoughtful and kind


Spreading his message to the people

With his disciples by His side

Teaching the words of his Father

Who was his mentor and his guide?


Rebuked by the establishment

He still stuck to his task

Spreading the word of God

Knowing that it would not last


Crowds would gather at his meetings

He would heal those in need

The cripples would walk again

And the multitudes he would feed


But alas the establishment arrested him

There he was put on trial

He was cleared of all charges

He thought he was free for a while


But then he was paraded through the streets

Carrying a cross with thorns upon his head

And as he was nailed on the cross

These were the words he said


As the heavens opened and the earth shook

Father forgive them for they no not what they do

But the seeds Jesus had planted for all

Would blossom in this world anew



  Malcolm Bradshaw

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