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The Wife – Promote Yourself


When the flowers you give, live a lifetime in her eyes;

The wife remains the woman you Love, and the girl who never lies.

The reflections of Love not symbolized by the diamond’s size.

A lifetime to share Love: It’s in the staying not the falling, say the wise.

In metals, silver and gold;

In stones, red and green;

In earthly riches, here and there;

In universal Love, pure and fair;

It is one man lucky in life

Who holds to one always young, The Wife

When the young man virile and strong, in her heart never dies,

Whispering into her ears is a man without the heart to lie.

The reverberations of Love, spoken as if carved in stone,

The lovely ones echo, No matter what you do, this is your home.

Metals faded, tarnished and old;

Stones worn, cracked and dulled;

Earthly riches, lost here and there;

A universal Love, sure and rare.

It is one man lucky in life

Who cleaves to the beautiful soul; The Wife

The older man, still young in the lady’s heart and eyes,

And in his soul—her beauty radiates a thousandfold;

Two, who find the fountain of youth in eternal skies,

Together, forever young, never is the thought of growing old!

Two souls; silver and gold

Not tainted; red and green

Free of earthly riches, here and there

Find a universal Love floats on air

There is one man lucky after life,

Has one beauty who waits for him; The Wife

Mesa, Arizona 10/2/01

~Ross Kemmer 

My name is Ross Kemmer.  I have followed your blog for quite sometime, but I’ve never submitted anything before.  I have enjoyed much of the content, and I think it is great you have developed this platform for poets.

I am a published poet:
Publisher; Tate Publishing
Book Title; Modern Day Psalms for The Faithful

About poetreecreations

I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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