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Daily Archives: December 12, 2014

UNDER EARTH – Promte Yourself


Last Dance -Promote Yourself

CHRISTMAS – Promote Yourself


 Christmas has come round again every one should sit up and listen, joyful sound and laughter, don’t just stay in its like a prison.                                                          Christmas will soon be here, wave your arms and give a cheer, friends and family all around, warmest wishes to be found.        Peace and forgiveness, is what’s said lay down your grieves es, bury it instead.                            All is quiet peace at last enjoy christmas and have a blast.                                          [Merry christmas every one ].   

Patricia bourne word press 2014


The thing that I must do today,
Is to take another step upon life’s way,
I must make sure that my step is firm,
And that my feet do not slide away.
For the highway of life is very narrow,
And many sirens are calling to me,
I must press on to reach my destiny,
To the place where I hope one day to be.
It is the place to where all redeemed souls will go,
A resting place for those who have shown they care,
No one knows where eternity is to be found,
But I’m sure the highway to life will lead me there.
Some people think it is a place where the streets are paved with gold,
Where the music of heavenly choirs will abound,
I prefer to think of it as a haven of solitude,
Where peace and tranquillity will be found.
When I first set upon this journey,
I could not be sure that my feet would endure,
But by day my confidence has grown,
Now, I know that eternity will be mine for sure.
This is the place where there is room for all,
Those who are able to ignore the distractions on life’s way,
Now could be a good time to start the journey,
Why don’t you take your first steps today?
Ron Martin

Advent – Restive Spirit – Promote Yourself


Restive Spirit
To settle down and doubts
To take in
And take on
To become part
Of One

Restive spirit
In me
And of God

Remind me how I love
To have those still calm points
About which
All turns
How the calm
In the middle
Of the storm
Sees what to do
Where to go

Sees what is next
The still waters
But still
Getting ready
To go
To wait some more
To see
To see what really needs
To be done
To see what needs
Are really there
To see
With the heart and mind
And spirit
Of you

Cheryl Bhagwandin

This is an Advent poem about getting ready at any time of the year or life, when we are not quite sure what we are getting ready for.  But waiting and getting
ready anyway.  I liked the idea of restlessness, resting and festiveness all rolled into one and that priorities and needs and “the reason for the season” had
to be recognised without getting overwhelmed by the season’s busy-ness.

Snowing by Malcolm Bradshaw


Electronic christmas

I asked for new gadgets for Christmas.
My list was a hundred lines long.
I figured I might as well try it.
Why not? I mean, what could go wrong?

My parents bought all that I wanted:
An iPod, a big-screen TV,
a camera, a laptop computer,
a Playstation, Xbox, and Wii.

I got a new Kindle, a smart phone,
an RF remote-controlled car,
a robot, a video camera,
a brand new electric guitar.

But those things were just the beginning.
This Christmas, I had such a haul,
it took me all morning, and then some,
to finish unwrapping it all.

A hundred new gadgets to play with.
I couldn’t be bothered to wait.
The moment I plugged them all in, though,
it blew every fuse in the state.

If you’re spending Christmas in darkness,
and can’t play your video game,
I’m sorry for all of the trouble;
it’s probably me who’s to blame.

I know now I shouldn’t be greedy,
so, next year, I think you’ll be fine.
Instead of a hundred new gadgets,
I’m asking for just ninety nine.

–Kenn Nesbitt

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