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No-one should try to impose their will upon another,
They should simply try to point the way,
For if we think our way of life is better,
This should be reflected in everything we do and say.
Other people will take notice of everything we do,
They will notice if our deeds match the things which are professed,
If they do then our influence will be effective,
 If not, they are unlikely to be impressed.
It is far better to try and lead by example,
Hoping that folk will admire the things we do,
To show that we really believe the things we say,
Rather than seeking to impose our point of view.
We should never pretend to be something we are not,
For very few people will ever be deceived,
It’s far better to act as the person we really are,
Then our views are more likely to be received.
Every day we have an opportunity to convey the truth,
Not just by words, but by everything we are seen to do,
We can only impose our will upon another
If we can influence them to accept our point of view.
Ron Martin

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